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8 Handcrafted And Unique Rakhi Ideas For Raksha Bandhan

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Unique Rakhi Ideas

So Raksha Bandhan is ultimately here, and so is the season of festivals. In India and other countries, the Raksha Bandhan festival and preparation is at its peak. With plenty of options, you presumably are perplexed about what gift you should pick for your siblings?

No concerns; we have come up with a list of 8 unique handcrafted Rakhi ideas you can get for your cherished ones. The rakhi festival represents the vital bond of love and faith between brother & sister. On this special occasion, a sister ties Rakhi – the thread of devotion, adoration, and care – on the wrist of her adorable brother. In return, their brother offers her gifts and money and vows to defend her till his death. The exchange of chocolates and gifts is the main component of the celebration. Nowadays, people have a busy timetable, and in this fast-moving time, it becomes pretty hard to go out into the market and explore for rakhis. So here at online gift portals, we arranged to showcase some unusual, amazing, and handcrafted gifts for your Raksha Bandhan festival.

Beaded Rakhi

For the brothers who are invariably on the go, a beaded Rakhi is ideal as it won’t arrive in the path while he’s working or playing sports. Beaded Rakhis also have rustic magic, making them superb for brothers who love classic things. You can use various colored beads to create designs or spell your beloved brother’s name, or you can also look online for Rakhi gifts and send rakhi to Australia for your charming brother through various online gift portals.

Tom and Jerry Rakhi

The iconic Tom & Jerry is all-time favored by every child. This Raksha Bandhan, run an extra mile and makes a rakhi at the house. Find a photo of tom & jerry from the internet and stick it on a semi-hard board. Trim the board & paste a thread to it.

Customized Rakhi

The perfect gift you can present to your brother is remembrances of him with you and the family. Organize your best remembrances and paste them on the thread. You will have the best homemade Rakhi for your adorable brother.

Swastik Rakhi

This is one of the most promising signs in Hinduism and is also thought to be very fortunate. A lotus flower blossoming in the middle signifies spiritual awakening and knowledge. The four arms of the swastika mean the four forms of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and intangible state. If you desire to make a handcrafted Rakhi for your brother with a deep intention and significance, think of a Swastik Rakhi or either you can explore it online and send rakhi online to UAE from India. It will be very memorable, and he will relish its thoughtfulness.

Gold Rakhi

This Rakhi is easy yet graceful and will make your brother feel unusual. You can order a gold-plated Rakhi or utilize gold thread to make this attractive Rakhi close itself until it resembles ahi.

Indian Flag Rakhi Design

This lovely tri-color flag will get the hearts of all the siblings of India, the band is even wonderfully pleated in tri-color, enriching the magnificence of the Rakhi, and the detailing with golden beads along the Ashoka chakra adds to the attractiveness.

Animal Rakhi

Small kids are eager about animals and love reading engaging and adventurous animal kingdom tales. How about you present their beloved animal character with a celebratory makeover? One of the most famous DIY rakhi ideas, specifically amongst kids. This will not only make them innovative but also make them aware of the beast kingdom.

Woven Dream Catcher Rakhi

This lovely Rakhi is indeed a masterwork made up of woolen threads. The pink threads are finely winded in a designer pattern & are ultimately given a base utilizing a bangle or any circular materials covered with blue thread. The thread, tied near the wrist, is also beautifully embellished with golden beads, and eventually, this lovely creation is ended off with a white pearl-like stone in the center.

Final Verdict 

Handcrafted rakhis are the perfect way to express love and respect towards your siblings. There are numerous ways to make them, each with its special meaning. Pick the right kind of Rakhi for your siblings based on their personality and fashion. With a little imagination, you can make a lovely and meaningful handcrafted rakhi that he will adore forever. Moreover, you can send rakhi to USA,UK or other countries on best offers.

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