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A simple Pinterest plan for 2022

by Guest Writer

If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s Pinterest! If you’re considering starting your journey on Pinterest but aren’t sure how to begin or are seeking an easy, basic or straightforward method to start using Pinterest, This article and video are going to guide you through the process. I’ll walk you through the fundamentals of Pinterest and how to start and make it easier for beginners to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by all the features and advantages of Pinterest; however, you’ll take action and make it as easy as you can!

So let’s get going.

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Create Your Pinterest BasicsPinterest can be pretty enjoyable. However, promoting and sharing your content is also an excellent option. Here are some essential tips to help you start.  The first step is to set your account as a company account; after that, make sure you claim the website. After that, you’ll need to make your first five boards help you with your blog or regular content. These boards will serve as the location to keep all your Pinterest pins in connection with your blog and content. Do you need a blog? Nope! For example, you can put pins on Instagram postings, Esty shop listings, or YouTube Channels.

Utilize keywords

It’s not a secret that Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration for your projects. Did you know you can also use Pinterest to boost your website’s rankings on search engines? Use specific keywords within your bios, boards, and pins to optimize your content to be search engine friendly and increase the number of visitors to your site. Consider the most important keywords that users are likely looking for on the platform and which you would like to rank for when they search. Add the keywords to your bio as well as on your initial five boards, as well as in your descriptions and titles of your boards.

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Establish your pinning schedule

Pinterest is a content-rich platform. However, a way to begin is to pin five pins every week. This will get you into the habit of pinning regularly. When you’re able to pin five pins every month on the boards (that’s one pin per day on one board), you can then get to a minimum of five pins a day. What kind of pins do you make? For content creators who have succeeded on Pinterest, their nails consist primarily of their original material or from relevant creators within their field.

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What should I pin?

As we mentioned, it is possible to pin from various aspects of your business, for example, your website, YouTube channel, or Instagram. You don’t have to limit yourself to only your ideas and content. There are many sites and ways to be inspired and create material to save for the future of your Pinterest account. Here’s a list of locations you can save and create pins from. : You can pin your blog’s weekly posts from your Pinterest account. Pin from an existing account (IG, YouTube, Etsy, and more) Find relevant and reliable sources of information in your field. Be aware of trends and pin them to your Pinterest boards.

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Refresh old content and turn it into new Pins

Pin Designs and Types You’re likely wondering how anyone can create such a large number of images without running out of ideas or visions. The good news is that there are a variety of images and graphics that you can design using the platform. Pins are simple images you can create using Canva Idea Pins are carousels that you can start directly on Pinterest or in pictures on Canva Video Pins are animated graphics that you create using Canva or videos made with your phone or camera

The problem is that you must build these by yourself.

But don’t fret! The team at Ivory Mix creates templates, videos, and images for them all. Take a look at the stock images as well as the stock videos as well as Canva templates in Ivory Mix Membership. Ivory Mix Membership.

  • You’re probably thinking about when you should make which types. Here’s my advice:
  • Pins – start with one per week and gradually increase to 4 pins a week
  • Idea Pins – work on at least two ideas pins per week
  • Video Pins – Work as much as one pin per week

Group Boards Strategy

After you’ve learned a basic Pinterest plan, you could be ready to extend your reach and gain more followers. One method to do this is to join some groups. For a start, the goal is to join some groups based on specific keywords within your area of expertise. After you’ve been accepted on some group boards, get going and begin to post your top content with the group boards.

Scheduling Options

At the beginning of your exploration of using Pinterest, you might be tempted to put off making your content available for scheduling while you master the basics. However, once you’re at ease, you can begin to schedule and batch all your posts ahead of time.

The good news is that Pinterest includes scheduling capabilities!

Free Scheduling Tool:

  • Pinterest Native Scheduling
  • Paid Scheduling Tools:
  • Tailwind
  • Canva
  • Planoly
  • Later
  • Get Familiar With Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a free tool that gives you thorough information about the most active on your Pinterest boards, which pins are getting saved most often, and much more. If you know your target audience and the types of fasteners they are most keen on, you’ll be able to develop content that appeals to people and generates more visitors to your site.

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