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Alternative Options for Dental Implants Treatment – A Complete Guide

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If you have missing teeth resulting from trauma, poor oral hygiene, oral disease or other causes, getting replacement teeth is necessary to restore your oral health. Many people consider missing teeth a cosmetic issue or resulting from natural ageing, but losing your teeth negatively impacts oral health, appearance and confidence.

When you lose a tooth, your surrounding teeth gradually move to fill the space, leading to jaw stress and bite alignment issues. Different options are available for teeth replacement, but dental implants are often the most suitable option.

Dental implants offer the following benefits.

  • Permanent solution for missing teeth
  • Function and look like the natural teeth
  • Give a perfect fit
  • No adjustment is necessary on the adjacent teeth
  • Last longer than other teeth replacement options with proper care

Although dental implants are a good solution for replacing missing teeth, other options are available.

Alternative options for dental implants

Dental bridge

Dental bridges are suitable for patients with one or several missing teeth. Dental bridges are supported by crowns on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth. You can get a dental bridge fixed to your mouth to prevent it from slipping out or becoming loose. This allows you to eat and speak without stress.

This dental restoration looks natural, and its cleaning and maintenance are easy. The crowns on the adjacent teeth prevent drifting out and damage. However, you need healthy and strong adjacent teeth to support the dental bridge.

Implant-supported bridge

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You can get an implant-supported bridge if you’ve lost several teeth. The lost teeth get support from adjacent teeth held by implants. Implant-supported bridges enhance your oral health, function and health while giving you a natural and beautiful appearance.


Dentures offer a comfortable, removable and natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth. You can choose partial or full dentures depending on the number of teeth you want to restore.

Partial dentures – are ideal for people who want to replace one or several missing teeth on the lower or upper jaw. These dentures have gum-coloured bases holding the replacement teeth, serving as attachments for the supporting teeth. In some cases, getting a crown on the supporting teeth is necessary for the dentures to fit properly.

Full dentures – you can get full dentures if you’ve lost all your teeth or need to remove all your teeth due to pain, infection, decay or other dental issues. Dental implants will hold the full denture on the lower arch while sealing the dentures with the gums, palate and bone ridges will hold them in the upper jaw.

Implant-supported dentures – you can opt for implant-supported dentures if you want to enhance the denture stability and bite function. Implant-supported dentures are more function and held in place by implants. However, you need a sufficient and healthy jawbone to hold the implant.

Resin-bonded bridges

Resin-bonded bridges fell and function like natural teeth, just like dental brides. However, for the resin-bonded bridges, false tooth attachment is with resin instead of the adjacent teeth during dental bridge fitting. The dentist will place the resin behind the teeth to hold the artificial tooth in place. This is a less invasive option, and a reversal is possible.


A flipper is a natural-looking temporary denture attached to both sides of the missing tooth. This denture gets support from the suction of the roof or mouth palate, preventing drifting of the adjacent teeth.

A flipper does not need metal clasps but wears off easily. It is less expensive and only serves a temporary purpose.

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