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The Chinese digital market is one of the most powerful internationally, characterized by its massive imports of products from any sector. Currently, there are several platforms where users can find a multitude of suppliers and factories from which to make their purchases.

Next, we will see how to buy on Alibaba, its operation, characteristics and what benefits it brings to make purchases in this Asian marketplace.

What is Alibaba

Alibaba is the most powerful business-to-business business in China, and one of the most used in the entire planet. It is one of the companies that make up the Alibaba Group, along with others such as Alipay or امازون بالعربي, and its main objective is to offer a portal designed to find suppliers, facilitating the internationalization and trade of products from all sectors. العب واربح فلوس

It is important to know that Alibaba does not follow the same business model as امازون بالعربي. The first is a place where we can find suppliers of all kinds, while the second is an online marketplace where we can make personal purchases from different Chinese sellers.

How does Alibaba work?

We have already seen that this platform is a B2B sales portal, so the trade that takes place within it is between companies. Alibaba is not an intermediary, it simply works as a showcase where suppliers can show their offer to international companies.

The platform has a multitude of tools designed so that the international user can find exactly what they are looking for. Thanks to them, we will be able to find the products we need from Arabic, importing them and selling them in our country to obtain profitability.

Fortunately, this platform does not make any kind of distinction when it comes to allowing users, so any business (regardless of its size) can register and buy on Alibaba. Most Chinese suppliers are willing to ship to any part of the world, so you will have no problem importing your merchandise.

Is it safe to buy on Alibaba

Buying from suppliers on Alibaba is safe, but you should pay attention to certain factors before investing in this platform. Especially if we are going to acquire large quantities of product, it is necessary to have certain notions about international logistics processes, specifically those that involve China.

In any of the cases, it is practically essential to make a professional quote request to the suppliers, in order to know the real cost of the products that we import at the origin. In addition, we must also send it to the local freight forwarding agency, to have detailed information about taxes, tariffs and the final cost of importation.

What agents are involved in the logistics process between china and Arabic?

When buying on Alibaba, we must keep in mind all the agents that are part of the logistics process between both countries, with the exception of the importer himself:

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  • Alibaba. As we have seen before, it is the showcase that provides us with a wide range of suppliers in different sectors of activity.
  • Freight forwarding agency in China. It is responsible for transporting the merchandise from the supplier’s warehouse to the corresponding airport or port. They are usually in charge of managing the paperwork at Chinese customs.
  • Customs authorities. The Chinese authorities will verify compliance with export regulations, while the Spanish authorities will carry out an exhaustive border control to guarantee the safety and legality of the merchandise.
  • Spanish freight forwarding agency. Pick up the merchandise, manage the necessary paperwork with customs in Arabic and deliver it to our warehouse. طريقة لعبة البوكر في الجزائر

In addition, we must also send it to the local freight forwarding agency, to have detailed information about taxes, tariffs and the final cost of importation.

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