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What Is the Cost of Creating a Website Like Medium?

by Guest Writer
What Is the Cost of Creating a Website Like Medium

With the increasing influence of the internet, people depend on the web for most activities. Getting information at your fingertips is one of its most significant benefits. People can publish content easily and quickly to spread information thanks to online publishing platforms like Medium. If you are an entrepreneur interested in creating a website like Medium and earning some revenue, you would like to know how much it costs to create a website like Medium. You need to invest in the right web development services to get a perfect Medium website clone. This blog post is for you as you can find a complete analysis of the cost of developing a website like Medium.

What is Medium?

Medium is not just a website; it’s a complete online publishing platform. It means it offers all sets of tools and features to allow users to create, edit, and publish content on the web. All in all, it is an excellent platform to start blogging or creating informative content for various audiences. It is open to users who want to share ideas, stories, perspectives, and more.

What does it take to build a website like Medium?

Developing a website like Medium isn’t a Herculean task, but it’s also not easy. You need to understand the basic idea of the website besides its building blocks. If you understand the basics of website development, you can simply hire web developer to build a perfect website. Several technologies are used to craft a Medium-like website. The following are the main technologies used in developing that type of website.

Amazon VPC

Underneath the Medium website are a bunch of technologies that make it functional and active. Amazon’s VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) as a hosting platform in addition to Ansible for system management. Ansible allows the Medium team to uphold the configuration in source control that enables them to roll out changes in a controlled manner.


Amazon DynamoDB, which is a NoSQL database, is used by the Medium website for managing and storing data. They also utilize Redis cache to overcome challenges related to the hotkey that may occur during virtual events. They have also started using Amazon Aurora.

Data platform

For data warehousing, Amazon Redshift is used by the website that is also used for rendering scalable storage and processing systems.
The following miscellaneous technologies are also used

  • Node.js
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Nginx
  • SQS
  • GraphQL
  • HAProxy
  • Bloomd
  • Go
  • Cloudflare
  • SendGrid

Cost of developing a website like Medium

This blog post has discussed various aspects of creating a website like Medium. Moreover, as far as the cost of developing a website like Medium is concerned, there are multiple factors that influence the development cost. A basic website needs many things like a domain name, hosting, add-ons, theme, and other elements to get online. You can get a rough estimation of the cost by considering various factors affecting the cost.

You can seek help from a reliable vtech website development company to estimate the cost of developing a website like Medium quickly. The company can provide the estimation based on your requirements and cost-affecting factors. You can ask various companies for quotes and choose a web development partner that meets your budget expectations.

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