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Disruptions and Advantages of House Rewiring – Know More About It

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House Rewiring

Electrical rewiring is invariably a costly necessity. It is so essential that you cannot do without it on one hand, while on the other it is expensive enough to spare a second and third thought always. The work usually continues for days together. More importantly, it invariably proves disruptive for any home. But why does an electrical rewiring need to be disruptive? It is a relevant question in indeed. The reasons are as following –

  • In order to successfully accomplish a rewire project, carpets and floorboards need to be lifted and removed.
  • Channels have to be cut into the walls (Even if the walls can be spared, the skirting boards would not).
  • Power must be turned off while the work is being carried out.

Now all the bad news is over. Now it is time for good news! If properly planned and executed it is possible minimising the damage and disruption in a typical electrical rewiring project. Let us explore few tried and tested tips on how to minimise the disruption.

Rely exclusively on professionals – There is hardly any surprise in this suggestion. You should always rely on professionals to rewire your house. Electrical rewiring is not only complicated but also involves potential danger. That is why fully qualified and registered electricians are your best option to get the job done. There is just no point in trying out the task with amateurs. Rewiring involves serious chances of electrocution and other injuries. Moreover, faulty rewiring will put your family and property in considerable risk in one hand, while on the other costs more money to correct the faults.

Plan in advance – Are you buying a property that is in urgent need of rewire? In that case you must schedule the job at least a couple of weeks before the date of your moving in. On the other hand, too if you are looking forward to an extensive revamp project, like a new kitchen, an extension or a loft conversion, first find out whether a rewire is required. If it is then you must get that done first on priority basis before going on the planned revamp project.

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Now let us discuss how you can electrically future-proof your home? This is easy and requires meticulous planning where the switches and sockets will be most conveniently placed to cater to your needs. This planning proves more reasonable in cost when you get it done during rewire rather than book the job separately.

Disruption is unavoidable – While a rewire is undergoing in your property, you are always welcome to stay inside to oversee the work. This may also help the electrician get some quick answers to the queries he may have regarding the project. However, you must be aware of the fact that power will be switched off while the electricians are working. So, the day could be much less productive for you and could even be disruptive to your standard schedule.

Any electrical rewiring project involves a lot of chasing – like drilling holes in the plaster and skirting boards to clip the cables. Some electricians also prefer plastering the walls to uplift cosmetic appeal of your rooms. But it is better to settle that at the stage of bargaining on quotation. The level of damage that your walls suffer also depends on the quality of the plaster that is already on the wall. As such, it is practically impossible to predict about the damage extent until and unless the electrician begins his work.

A rewire also produces infinite amount of fine dust which gets anywhere and everywhere. There is also a awful lot of noise for the ears to bear. Perhaps the worse is the chiselling sound when the electrician makers his way into your carpets and floorboards. You better be prepared for all these disruptions and stay inside the property accompanying the electrician while he rewires your home. Else you may temporarily shift elsewhere till this mess is taken care of.

If you cannot move out

There are real life circumstances that do not let you temporarily move out of your home while a rewire project goes live. But that still leaves you with certain options to minimise your stress and inconvenience.  

  • Lock up all your valuables and costly belongings into the storage to avoid the dust.
  • If the storage space is insufficient or inaccessible for some reason or the other, get home some large dust-prevention sheets.
  • Box up all other items.
  • On a positive stride, a rewire offers a splendid option to clear out junks and debris.
  • If you have a pet, try to send it to a friend for a few days till this mess gets cleared away.
  • Consider redecorating your home immediately after the rewire gets over.

 If you are a fitness freak and enjoy working outs, then you can definitely squeeze out a workout schedule once the electricians have come in for the day. There will not be any power connection either. So, there will not be much productive options for you. However, if you work from home, then this could be a serious issue.

Advantages of rewiring a house

There are plenty of advantages that rewiring a house offers. let us explore few of those in the section below.

  • It gives you the peace of mind knowing your home is no more prone to electrical hazards like electric shocks and fires resulting from faulty wiring.
  • A rewire brings you better quotes from home insurance companies.
  • New wiring makes your house cope with the modern gadgets and equipments with greater ease. There are practically much lesser chances of blown fuses or tripped RCDs (residual current device) resulting from current overloading in the circuits.
  • Registered electricians with years of experience in house rewiring in London point out, rewiring allows you add to the number of switches and sockets as well as move those to more convenient locations.
  • There are no more flicker lights either.
  • You can also add dimmers, roof light and such other interesting features while rewiring home.
  • Last but nevertheless the least, it helps you save money on your monthly utility bills.

In addition to the points mentioned above, a recent rewire hikes the value of your property. A real estate agent will note that your house has recently been rewired and thus will factor this into the total valuation of the property.

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