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Download Top 10 Best Hollywood Thriller Movies of All Times 2022

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When it comes to Hollywood movies, nobody does it better than the Americans. Whether it’s thrillers, action movies, or dramas, Hollywood always delivers on different sites like Movies Flix. And if you’re looking for some of the best Hollywood thriller movies for 2022, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks. From suspenseful tales to heart-wrenching stories, these films will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Best Hollywood Thriller Movies of 2022

Hollywood thrillers are some of the most popular movies in the world, and they continue to be popular year after year. Here are 10 of the best Hollywood thrillers of 2022.

Death Wish

This remake of the 1974 classic stars Bruce Willis as a wealthy man who decides to take justice into his own hands after his family is brutally murdered. Death Wish is a film written and directed by Kevin VanHook. It stars Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Elisabeth Shue. The film centers on a New York City-based architect whose life is shattered when he learns of his wife’s infidelity. He takes the law into his own hands and becomes a vigilante armed with an automatic handgun, targeting other cheaters to protect his family and restore his sense of justice.

A Quiet Place

A family terrorize by creatures that can hear even the slightest sound and must rely on each other to survive. A Quiet Place a movie direct by John Krasinski and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. The movie is about the Abbott family who, after an attack from creatures that hunt by sound, must live in complete silence in a prepared and soundproof home. It was rated R by the MPAA and was released on April 6, 2018.

The film about a family that must live in silence to avoid being hunt by creatures that hunt by sound. The monsters have also rendered most human sounds inaudible. The film tells the story of a family trying to survive in a world inhabited by blind monsters with acute hearing.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise returns to star in this latest installment of the award-winning series, which sees him team up with a new partner (Henry Cavill) to prevent a global crisis. Mission: Impossible – Fallout an action-adventure film directed by Christopher McQuarrie and written by Christopher McQuarrie and Josh Applebaum. It is the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible film series.

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team and some allies must transport a dangerous plutonium sample while being track by a CIA agent and a complex terrorist group that intent on getting their hands on it. After destroying their plane, Ethan and his team land on a rooftop in Paris to break into a building using a new high-tech tracker device. The mission is difficult, but the team makes it through successfully.

The Girl with All the Gifts

Starring Gemma Arterton, Gina Carano, and Daniel Kaluuya, this horror thriller follows a young girl infected with a virus that makes her extremely intelligent but also ruthless and dangerous. The Girl with All the Gifts is a science fiction novel by M. R. Carey. The novel tells the story of Melanie, one of the last few remaining humans, who care for by a small group of scientists.

Melanie is a peculiar child. She is a human who raise by scientists who have kept her from ever experiencing life outside a laboratory. Melanie is the only child of a species of parasitic beings that can take over the minds of other creatures as hosts. The novel follows Melanie’s adventures as she struggles to escape the laboratory and discover more about the world.

Sicario 2: Soldado

This sequel follows FBI agent Matt Graver (Benicio del Toro) as he leads a team of agents on a mission to bring down an influential drug cartel leader, played by Josh Brolin. Sicario 2: Soldado is a sequel to the 2015 film Sicario. The film follows the drug cartels of Mexico, who have been fighting for decades for control of the country.

Matt receives a call from the director of Sicario 2: Soldado, who informs him that the US government no longer interested in their collaboration and asks for his help. Matt and his colleague, Alejandro, recruit a new team of criminals while they try to figure out what the US government is up to.


Hollywood thrillers are always a hit with moviegoers, and there’s no reason to believe this trend will slow down soon. Some of the best thriller movies of 2022 are already in the works, and we can’t wait to see them hit theaters. From A Quiet Place to Death Wish 2076, these films have all the makings of blockbuster hits, and we recommend that you add them to your list of must-watch movies this year.

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