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Factory Fresh: How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Guest Writer

When you’re building your dream kitchen, it’s easy to focus on the glitzy stuff like appliances and countertops—but you shouldn’t neglect your cabinets! After all, they’ll be the centerpiece of your space and they need to look amazing. Whether you decide to go with standard stock or custom cabinets, here are some tips to help you make the most of your kitchen cabinets factory experience!

Pick your cabinets carefully

Your kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so make sure you do your research before deciding on what kind and color you want. Whether you’re looking for traditional wood, modern stainless steel, or any other style out there, Kitchen Cabinets Factory has them all. Plus, they have different door styles to choose from such as wide stile doors or panel doors. You can see ALLURE’s wide variety of kitchen cabinets here!

Which materials are best?

There are a few ways to go about installing your new kitchen cabinets. If you are handy, you can install them yourself with no need for a contractor. And if you’re not, it’s still easy and inexpensive to hire someone who is. You could also install your cabinets yourself with a few friends or family members as helpers. Allure Kitchen Cabinets Factory offers free in-home consultations on how to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets so contact us today!

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Tips to prep your kitchen cabinets

ALLURE wants you and your family to enjoy their new kitchen cabinets for years, so take a few minutes to prep them. Watch our video below for more great tips, or follow these steps:

Use a cleaning solution made specifically for hardwood flooring. Spray generously on all surfaces, allow it time to penetrate and then scrub with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Sand any rough edges that were exposed during removal.

Apply an oil-based sealant (such as furniture wax or Danish oil) in small sections using a paintbrush. Allow it time to dry before applying another coat on adjacent sections.

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Quickest ways to install new kitchen cabinets

A lot of people think that installation is a complicated process, but it actually doesn’t have to be. One way you can do this is by using glue and screws. Using glue and screws will make sure your new cabinets are securely in place. You might need a drill, but that’s about it! It’s also helpful to use construction adhesive with screws for best results. All you have to do is use enough glue around the edges of each side of the cabinet frame so that it makes contact with all three surfaces (the side panel, back panel and bottom panel). There should not be any voids between surfaces.

In order to ensure an even surface on all sides, try sliding up from one corner across from the other one so there are no wrinkles or gaps anywhere on either side. If there is any space left over at either end, use construction adhesive again to fill in those areas and press firmly into place until dry.

Other things you should know before you shop for new kitchen cabinets
  • You’ll want to decide what your budget is before you start shopping. The better quality cabinets you buy, the more expensive they will be.
  • Visit a few different stores and compare prices, quality and warranty information.
  • It’s important that you measure your space before looking for new kitchen cabinetry so that you can be sure they’ll fit when they’re delivered.
  • Consider buying unfinished cabinets so that you can paint or stain them yourself. In this way, it’s easy to make customizations that are right for your space.

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