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Garden Shed – For Living, Feeling Good and Storing

by keeptrackit
Garden shed – for living, feeling good and storing

Every garden should also have a summer house. It has many advantages and uses. Whether you are staying in it, relaxing, sleeping in it after a party or a nice day in the garden, or storing furniture and equipment, there are many possible uses. The selection is also large. Depending on the purpose it is intended to fulfil, everyone will find the right model. Read the following report about the possible uses of garden houses and how the different models differ.

Garden Shed (house) – high functionality

Garden houses can fulfill many different functions. Anyone who has a garden knows this. For whatever reason, it is in particular the perfect retreat: Who does not know it: The sky is bright blue, but suddenly it is raining heavily. So it’s good to have a garden house where you can find shelter and retreat. A garden house with a terrace and canopy is ideal for protecting yourself when the weather changes. The wooden garden house & tool shed exudes a cozy atmosphere and invites you to relax. Especially when the weather is nice, it quickly becomes a living room within the garden.

The garden shed is also the ideal lounge for garden parties, perhaps with a stocked bar inside, or just to sit together comfortably or hang out when it gets too cold outside late in the day. In the “green living room” in the middle of the garden you can quickly forget everyday life. There is a wide range of options for customizing and furnishing the house. An extra strong roof construction is suitable when the snow and wind load zones are higher.

Many also use the garden shed as a separate home office a little away from the house in order to be able to work undisturbed.

Depending on the size, many also use the garden shed to store utensils such as tools. The garden furniture is also dry and safe here. Should it be a workbench? In the right size of the garden house, this is also not a problem.

Garden house made of wood in many variants

garden house made of wood , for example made of spruce, always blends naturally into the cozy look of the garden. This type of wood impresses with special properties in terms of strength and elasticity. It is therefore versatile. Wood inspires with a natural look and radiates warmth. No other material can exude the charm of a wooden garden shed. It is stable, sturdy and durable. Houses with floor-to-ceiling glazing also use wood and for good reasons: the wooden garden house creates a very pleasant and healthy room climate. Not only allergy sufferers appreciate this. You decide whether the wall thickness should be 44 or 70 mm, for example.

Examples: A wall thickness of around 19 mm is sufficient for use as a tool shed. If you want to use the summerhouse as living space, the walls of the house should be at least 28 mm thick. For more temperature resistance inside, a wall thickness of 40 mm or more is ideal.

Since wood is a renewable raw material, the environment also benefits from a small ecological footprint compared to other materials. Wood binds climate-damaging CO² for a long time, can be processed largely free of pollutants and can be disposed of without any problems.

In the shop you will find a large selection of different wooden garden houses in different sizes, designs and shapes. For each model you will find the quality features that distinguish it next to the description.

What size should it be?

The smaller garden houses are, for example, 320 x 320 cm. For larger gardens, 440 x 320 cm garden houses are ideal. But there are also models with the dimensions 710 x 320 cm.

Here you can make yourself comfortable both inside and outside with several people, because the garden house is connected with a side roof and a terrace. If the terrace is covered, you are not only sitting in the house, but also in front of it in the dry. Depending on how much space you have in your garden or what your preferences are, build it freestanding or in the form of a lean-to if there is less space.

There are many options in terms of location and size. Custom-made garden houses and custom-made products according to individual wishes or space requirements are also possible. Whichever model you choose, the garden houses enhance the garden both functionally and visually.

You will be happy with this for a very long time. It can be used for generations. The construction is easy. All assembly materials and the construction plan are supplied in the prefabricated kit.


If you are interested in a garden house, you will find large and small houses in the range. You can store your garden tools and furniture in it, for example. Of course, the garden house offers far more uses than just storage space.

You can think of it as an extension of the living space or as an alternative living room in the summer. The wooden garden house is a good choice. The natural material blends in very well with the garden and the environment. Choose it according to your desired size, design and wall thickness. The environmental friendliness of wood is unmatched by any other material.

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