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Home decor tips: how to perfectly arrange your dining room well?

by Guest Writer

Much more than a simple table surrounded by chairs whose function is to take the meal, a dining room is above all a friendly living space. Because we generally spend a lot of time and good times there, the dining room must be set up correctly in order to offer optimal comfort.

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Make the dining room a living room

In terms of decoration, trends are constantly changing. If for many the living room and the kitchen should remain two distinct rooms, for others they are one. This is all the more true for small dwellings where an open kitchen is essential, thus creating an effect of depth. Of course, this can be down to personal choice, as American cuisine offers many advantages. If this is your case, be sure to respect a certain homogeneity of style between the spaces.

Whatever the configuration involved, the notion of space is essential. For example, an imposing table will fully find its place in a living room large enough that you can easily go around it and sit down. If a proximity is required between the dining room and the kitchen, it is necessary on the other hand that the dining area is clearly delimited from the living room, reserved for all other activities. For this, it is essential to judiciously reconcile furniture and decoration!

Furnishing a dining room effectively involves decoration and furniture which, combined with plays of color and light, must make it possible to create a “natural” separation with the living room, while offering a high level of comfort and practicality to all. test. This is why Homary offers different ranges of solid oak furniture designed to meet each of these criteria. Whether classic, traditional or modern, they all come from manufacturing methods based on mastered know-how.

To each his own style

Homary offers a large choice of massive models offered in styles, as we have just seen, very varied. Here are some tips to find the one that suits you the most…

Above all, remember that you should not start from the existing to define a decorative style, especially if the purchase of furniture follows a need for renewal. Take a step back from your current decor. Here, you have to determine what makes you want by asking yourself the right questions. It is not for nothing that it is customary to say that the decoration of a house is a reflection of the personality of its occupants.

If you are of a calm nature and are looking to create a peaceful atmosphere away from the hectic atmosphere of the city, opt for the classic style and the charming furniture in solid oak. For those who, on the contrary, are attracted by new trends, the modern style is recommended.


What storage furniture for the dining room?

If you have read the first two parts of this guide and therefore taken note of our recommendations for choosing the right table and chairs, you now know how to arrange your dining room to enjoy optimal comfort and a decor that reflects your image. . So all you have to do is think about storage! In this third and final section devoted to the living room, we offer you relevant advice for finding and buying storage furniture adapted to your practical needs and your expectations in terms of decoration.

The buffet

How to design a dining room without a sideboard?

The answer is obvious. However, we too often forget that a buffet has its place in any living room, especially because it is intended to easily store the essentials of the dishes. To choose it well, you don’t have to go through four paths. Above all, it must have enough storage space so that you can store everything you need when you receive and, if you are used to taking your meals in your dining room, the necessary daily essential kitchen.

Note that the sideboard can be added to complement the kitchen storage units, often with a view to placing the bulkiest accessories and utensils there, which is why it must be resistant. The solid oak sideboards manufactured and offered by Hellin on its site are therefore perfect for your dining room. Be careful to choose it well according to its style and, as for the chairs, its colors. The sideboard must actually fit into a decorative register similar to that of the other pieces of furniture in the room so as not to break with this oh so preponderant harmony.

To bring light into your room, complete your sideboard with a large mirror: depth effect guaranteed!

The Dresser

A dresser is not essential but it will bring a significant touch of charm to your interior decoration. It is indeed an undeniable decorative asset in the sense that it consists by nature of an open or glazed space, which will allow you to highlight your most beautiful objects but it also has a real practical interest. Make no mistake about it, the dresser remains a storage unit. It can therefore be chosen as much for its functionality, embodied among other things by storage compartments, as for its decorative potential.

Do not underestimate the dimensions of these two particularly imposing pieces of furniture. They should certainly offer you additional storage space, but should not affect the practicality of your dining room, and therefore its use. Keep in mind that the sideboard and the dresser are therefore intended for rooms with a large surface area. Once arranged, you still need to be able to sit at your table and walk around it.

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