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Hotel Bed Style: This is How the Bed Becomes an Eye-catcher

by keeptrackit
Hotel bed style

For most people, an overnight stay in an upscale hotel is always a very special break from hectic and stressful everyday life. After all, there is room service, the hotel breakfast smells tempting, sheets, pillows and blankets smell wonderfully fresh and the soft mattress is huge.

However, you do not have to do without this luxurious feeling in your own four walls, even if the room service and the breakfast buffet are perhaps difficult to achieve.

High-quality hotel furnishings including assembly , which reflect the very special style of the hotel beds, ultimately turn your own bedroom into a very special highlight in no time at all.

The real hotel feeling in the bedroom at home

In order to create a unique feeling for their guests, hoteliers naturally use a few tricks. They also have to meet the requirements that the changing, different guests like the room equally and that the bed offers the highest possible sleeping comfort. After all, only those guests come back in the future who wake up satisfied and rested.

With the help of the right bed linen, a careful selection of beds and the right decoration, the cozy and inviting atmosphere typical of a hotel can also be established in the bedroom at home. The materials and colors used play a particularly important role.

The box spring bed

The dream of your own hotel bedroom can also be fulfilled away from the sea view, vacation and breakfast buffet. One of the most important points is the bed.

In principle, there are no special hotel beds, but the luxurious beds in hotels always offer a completely different sleeping experience than the bed at home. The reason for this is that box spring beds can be found in most hotels these days. Among other things, these rely on a spring-loaded base instead of a conventional slatted frame.

The special layering and general structure of the box spring beds result in numerous advantages that can also be enjoyed to the full in the bedroom at home in the future with the right choice of bed. Thanks to the high-quality suspension, the bed system proves to be particularly robust, which also significantly benefits the lying comfort. In addition, the entry height is also extremely comfortable.

The box spring beds also offer optimal thermal insulation thanks to their topper. The dimensions of the box spring beds are usually extremely generous – a bed measuring 200 × 200 centimeters invites you to spread out unrestrained and ensures a very special sleeping experience.

The selection of different colors and materials is extensive in the field of box spring beds. The headboard is typically expansive and also extremely comfortable. This ensures an almost unrivaled luxurious look that greatly enhances the bedroom at home.

The right bed linen

Even at a cursory glance, white, pure bed linen evokes a real hotel feeling. However, nowadays there are more and more stylists and interior decorators to be found who rely on a subtle touch of color in hotel bed linen. In addition to the classic white, bed linen can also be chosen in greige, beige or gray. These neutral nuances always produce a high-quality and noble effect that spreads throughout the room and thus ensures a harmonious overall picture.

However, the quality and feel of bed linen are of course also important, so that the luxurious feeling of a hotel bed can be achieved. For example, typical hotel bed linen is very hard-wearing, which ensures that the unique, cuddly soft feeling is still there even after numerous washes.

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