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How Can I Get 1000s Of Phone Numbers For Telemarketing?

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What Do You Need Phone Numbers For Telemarketing?

If you have a call center or a telemarketer, you know growing a call center can be very difficult without telemarketing campaigns and cell phone leads. Everyone is finding new ways to grow a phone number list. Most call centers and telemarketers buy phone number databases to grow their business. You can stay in touch with your clients with an updated and real mobile number list. Phone number data is very important for any mobile marketing campaign.

To market your business through telemarketing you must have a mobile number database of the target audience, and Google and other search engines are great sources for phone number data collection. There are more than 2 billion websites on Google only. So, it is very difficult to find and collect phone numbers for targeted industry and location from Google and other search engines in this million count.

How Can I Get 1000s Of Mobile Numbers For Marketing?

Google has become the best and real platform for mobile number data collection with a 92.54% global market share. Google is the best medium all over the world to collect phone numbers of business owners, professionals, and customers of different industries and countries. Each website has a business address, phone number, email address, and much more.

You can find and scrape any kind of data from Google for any industry and category for your business and marketing campaigns. Scraping phone numbers from Google is a common data collection method used by companies, freelancers, and telemarketers to collect data from mobile marketing without wasting time doing repetitive tasks of copy-paste. Phone Number Finder Tools are developed specifically to extract real and valid contact information from search engines, websites, and local files. These search engine scraping tools are useful for anyone looking for telemarketing data from Google and other search engines. Scraping mobile numbers from Google can be a great way of earning for freelancers to grow their freelancing careers.

There are billions of websites on Google and other search engines with complete contact details. You can collect this data in several months manually. But, if you want to save hundreds of hours and want to collect this automatically with a click of a button then you have to use this Cute Web Phone Number Extractor. It can provide you unlimited b2b and b2c cell phone leads from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and many other search engines in the shortest time without coding.

80% of marketers and freelancers use Phone Number Extractor software to extract phone numbers from thousands of websites without coding. You can find phone numbers by zip code, website URL, mobile company code, and category. You can use extracted mobile numbers for your freelancing projects, telemarketing campaigns, or to sell to others.

Why Use Cute Web Phone Number Extractor Software?

Typically, when you search for a phone number by name for a specific location on Google, Google displays thousands of websites for your keywords and locations in seconds. If you will visit each website to copy-paste data, it will take several months to collect data from a website. This is the main reason that most people use Mobile Number Finder Tools to find and collect phone numbers from websites, search engines, and local files. In other words, Phone Number Scraper saves time and provides a quality b2b and b2c mobile number database from thousands of websites in the minimum time.

Another reason to use this WhatsApp Number Extractor is that you can use it easily even if you are not a coder or don’t know what is web scraping. Just find websites with keywords and then export the phone numbers from found websites to CSV, Excel, or Text files.

The Google Phone Number Extractor supports more than 195 countries and 66 search engines. So you can get data for any country from any search engine by using this Wireless Phone Number Extractor.

How To Use This Cute Web Phone Number Extractor?

Here is a detailed guide on how to use this Cute Web Phone Number Crawler Software for phone number data collection.


First, you need to install the Cute Web Contact Extractor on your PC/Laptop to extract data from Google or any other search engine. The Cute Web Mobile Number Hunter can be downloaded on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, and Net Framework 4.0.


You just have to enter your keywords in the search bar of the Phone Number Crawler software and it will automatically find all the websites from Google for your given keywords and then you can select specific search results or all to scrape for phone numbers from the websites.


After finding and selecting, you have to click on the “Export” button to extract data from the selected websites. The telephone number extractor can extract phone numbers from 1000-1200 websites in a day.


To use the extracted phone numbers, you have to export them in CSV, Excel, or Text files by pressing the button “Export” given in the tool. If you want to export Phone Numbers from websites to an Excel sheet then you have to purchase the license of the Cute Web Phone Number Collector. The price of the Cute Web Phone Lead Extractor is just 59.99$ for one year.


The Phone Number Extractor can find and extract mobile numbers from PDF, Excel, and Text files also. The Phone Number Scraper software does not support phone number scraping from images, AJAX, and sites that require authentication.

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