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How do I Choose the Perfect CBD Product?

by keeptrackit
How do I choose the perfect CBD product?

It is currently almost impossible not to have heard of CBD: Since cannabis light became legal in most European countries, these three letters can be seen practically everywhere. So much has been said about the positive effects of this substance that many would like to try it out. But how do you choose the right product?

CBD products don’t get you high

Most of you probably already know, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a small step back first. CBD products are often also called light cannabis. You shouldn’t look for such products to get intoxicated: Otherwise you will be disappointed in this regard.

The high feeling that comes with smoking weed is caused by a substance found in cannabis called THC. Since THC and the intoxicating effect can be dangerous, cannabis light is a product that contains very little THC and is therefore harmless.

CBD by itself doesn’t get you high, but it has many other beneficial properties .

CBD has a positive effect on stress and stress-related symptoms. When life is particularly hectic or faced with new challenges, many people suffer from ailments such as stomach pain, insomnia or generally feel agitated. CBD can help alleviate these symptoms and experience deep relaxation.

Many consumers are particularly fond of CBD products because they are not drugs or chemicals. CBD is naturally derived from the cannabis plant that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Variety of products

In the classic notion of cannabis, one often thinks directly of a joint, this image can also be retained with CBD cannabis, but it is not the only option.

CBD can be found in most shops in the form of flowers or hashish. Both products are smoked and they differ mainly in their appearance and taste. The grass usually looks like a small bush. The smell is fresh and you can choose between different variants.

There are also different types of hashish . These can be very different from one another. Some varieties are black or dark brown, while others look more yellowish tones or even white. The common denominator is that hashish is much more compact compared to weed. In addition, many consumers prefer this product because they find the taste more intense.

The two types of product differ due to the different CBD content , the production method and the origin. The experts at the consumers know exactly what they want and select the exact variety according to certain characteristics. For those who are more new to the field and do not know exactly which flavor goes best with them, CBD kits are recommended.

Usually you will find several types of weed and hash in such kits, so that you can find out your preferences by trying it out.

CBD Cannabis

CBD for non-smokers

A prejudice that many people have is that cannabis light can only be smoked and is therefore not a suitable product for non-smokers. However, that is not entirely true. While it’s true that weed and hash are two of the most popular CBD products on the market, the variety of products goes well beyond that.

If you don’t smoke and still want to try the effects of this substance on your own body, CBD oil is an excellent alternative. Similar to the products mentioned above, there is also a sufficient variety in terms of CBD concentration, origin and other parameters. The positive properties can also be tested completely without the negative effects of tobacco.

CBD oil can be taken in a number of ways. The most effective way to take it neat is to put a few drops under the tongue and let them linger and then swallow them. With this type of intake you can feel the effects after 10-15 minutes.

Some people don’t like the taste that much and so mix the drops in cold or warm drinks. Alternatively, you can simply sweeten the taste with a little sugar and swallow it together with the oil.

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