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Iron Storage Disease in Birds

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Like humans, a healthy diet is essential for your pet. A lack of nutrition can cause a variety of ailments and conditions for your pet. If there’s too much iron in blood, it will accumulate within the main organs of the bird and is often known as Iron Storage Disease.

Iron is required by the body to make hemoglobin that helps the blood transport oxygen. birds facts  However, it is essential to maintain the right balance. If there is too little iron is consumed and the bird can get anemia. If it is too excessively and the bird could develop iron storage diseases that stores it in the liver, and then the lungs, the heart and various other organs. Organ damage can cause death for the bird.

Birds that typically are afflicted with Iron storage disease include mynahs, toucans of paradise, as well as birds of the parrot family.

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Symptoms and Types

The iron storage disorder is gradual and insidious illness, which typically does not exhibit any signs in the initial stages. However, the signs are only apparent in the event of imminent death. They could include:

A difficult breathing pattern, because of lung damageThe abdomen is distended (swollen) abdomenParalysis


Like the name implies iron storage disease occurs caused by an excess iron level inside the body. It is most likely to occur if the diet of the bird is rich in iron. Foods that contain vitamin C and A are also a great way to increase levels of iron within the body. Birds could have a genetic predisposition this disorder and stress can play major roles in the development of iron storage disorder.


You can stop the development of the storage of iron by balancing the amount iron and vitamins that are present in your bird’s diet. Commercial food items are suitable to achieve this. Another method of preventing this condition is to stay clear of giving certain iron-rich , vitamin C or vitamin A-rich foods for your pet.

The foods that are low in iron include: honeydew melon, peach, skinless apples, and plum. Foods high in iron that shouldn’t be consumed due to its Vitamin C and A levels are mango, papaya squash, banana and skinless boiled potato. Do Birds Sleep  In their own right they do not cause the iron storage disorder. If they are combined with foods high with Vitamins C and A like citrus fruits beetroot, carrotsand chilli peppers, and even spinach could result in excess iron in the body.

Foods you should stay clear of entirely are foods that are which contain extra iron, like juices for babies, baby food, nectars, animal foods, and any other human food item that has iron added.With a bit of caution (and eating a balanced diet) it is possible to prevent iron storage disease from arising in your pet.

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