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Is cyber security is good career option?

by Guest Writer

If you are planning to enter the IT sector and asked this question, you would probably think, “What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection against online threats to the hardware, software, and data of systems that are connected to the internet. This method is use by both individuals and companies to stop unauthorize access to data centers and other digital systems.

Cybersecurity strategy:

A strong cybersecurity career strategy can provide a good defense against harmful attacks that aim to access, change, remove, destroy, or extort sensitive data and systems that belong to a company or user. Security precautions are crucial in thwarting attempts to disable or damage a system’s or device’s functionality.

Therefore, The opportunities in the cybersecurity career sector are numerous. There are opportunities in various sectors and specializations since businesses in every sector – from healthcare and banking to entertainment and retail – face cybersecurity concerns.

Future of the cybersecurity:

The future of the cybersecurity business as a whole is bright. It has a low unemployment rate, and many nations have a shortage of workers. As a cybersecurity specialist, you can so anticipate never experiencing a prolonged period of unemployment if you are competent. Additionally, there is a nice benefit in that the salary is above average. Overall, it is a relatively good career choice, but like anything, it is not without its flaws. In this article I’ll go through some reasons why choosing a profession in cybersecurity is a good idea here.

Reasons why cybersecurity is a good option:

1. High Paying

Cybersecurity may be a good fit for you if you’re one of the majorities of individuals looking for careers with good compensation. The pay in this field is decent due to the strong demand and the scarcity of qualified workers in the online world.

Compared to other typical pay earnings in North America, which are around 40,000, a person working in cyber security makes an average salary of over 90,000. You should therefore anticipate earning twice the national average in cyber security with some experience and relevant certificates.

2. Knowledge & Certification

Despite how challenging the job may seem, you can enter this sector without a degree in cyber security. The contrary is true in this profession, where education can be a significant barrier to other career routes. For example, doctors and attorneys must spend thousands of dollars to obtain a formal education degree.

3. More job opportunities

The fact that there are always job opportunities in this industry is one of the main advantages of choosing this highly sought-after career path. In 2018, there was a global shortage of around 2.9 million cyber security workers, according to a 2019 poll

You may determine the exceptionally low unemployment pattern in this field using these figures. In 2020, there were more than 500,000 job openings nationwide. Even during the pandemic, when millions of people were losing their jobs, cyber security professionals remained constant and helped stave off the economic depression.

4. Work from Home

It was simpler to work from home with flexible hours because, even before the Covid-19 outbreak, the majority of the work in the cyber security industry was centered on technology and and engaging with individuals from different countries.

Although some might see this as a drawback because they are unable to interact with coworkers or leave the house, for many people, working remotely is a plus.

5. Thrilling & exciting Work

We can guarantee that working in the sector of cyber security will present you with a ton of challenges and interesting work every day. Cyber security is crucial in the current digital era for assuring both the safety of vital computer systems that support our everyday life as well as the protection of users when using the internet.

Electricity, transportation, financial institutions, and infrastructure all depend on cyber security specialists to be looked after and kept safe as they deal with new threats every day.

6. Variety of Choices

You must now decide the area of cyber security you want to enter after completing your certification program. You have a wide variety of roles and positions to pick from as new roles develop and existing roles change to include new abilities.

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7. Changing Field

With new cyber dangers emerging daily, cyber security are an area that demands individuals with a dynamic skill set from a variety of job experiences to address problems and stay secure from breaches and unethical cyber practices.

By getting involved in the cyber security industry, you have the chance to stand out by developing your distinctive skill set using experience from previous employment, educational background, or training in information technology, business administration, or accounting, which contributes to the development of a robust cyber security skill set overall.

Final Note

A career in cyber security is one of the best decisions you could make right now for a variety of reasons, including competitive salary, growth prospects, high-demand job openings, job security, intriguing daily duties, and the chance to make a difference.

The field of cyber security as a whole has grown significantly in recent years. It is interesting to study because it is a relatively new field, but it is also a complex subject to study, so it is best for students that are interested in IT courses.

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