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Kanye West’s New Merch Line Finally Reveals His Fashion Aesthetic

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We’ve known that Kanye West has been working on his fashion line since last year, when he announced Yeezy Season 1 at New York Fashion Week. Now, at long last, we have the actual clothes to analyze and see how West’s fashion preferences have evolved since 2013. As always with Yeezus himself, the new merch takes familiar silhouettes and adds an extra layer of emotion to the design with lines like I Am A God and I Feel Like Pablo. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites from Yeezy Season 2 below!

My Dark Twisted Fantasy

The Kanye West merch range includes a variety of different clothing items, but it features the most colours and textures in relation to all of his other merch collections. There are a lot of hoodies, sweaters and jackets. The range seems to hark back to ‘Ye’s aesthetic from earlier this decade when he teamed up with Louis Vuitton for LV Season 1. One standout piece is the color-blocked Air Jordan onesie which I imagine would be hard to manoeuvre in due to its design as well as for Kanye wearing it because there’s no ankle opening. The Kanyewestmerch.ltd logo is embroider on many of the pieces too which means you can wear these clothes proudly knowing that Kanye himself has put his stamp on them. I also really like that Kanye include graphic tees and sweatshirts into the collection, adding some variety to what could have been a pretty basic list of clothes had he just gone with plain tops or plain bottoms. Lastly, one of my favourite things about this range are the sneakers – they’re not Nike brand but they’re still very aesthetically pleasing (and way more affordable).

College Dropout

What is Kanye West’s new merch line? The rapper is launching a new clothing line, called Kanyewestmerch.ltd, which will offer high-end streetwear and feature his own designs for men and women. For me this has always been about the lack of made-in-America clothes, he told GQ in its September issue. I want to show people that we can make it here. I don’t know if my idea was right or wrong, but I think Nike should have at least given me some type of acknowledgment or someone should’ve reached out to me and said something along the lines of: Kanye, what are you doing? You might want to put a factory up there. We could make some shoes with you. We’re not going to give him any money–I mean he doesn’t need money because he has got plenty of money–but just somebody reach out and say hey what are you doing?

The Life of Pablo

In the past few months Kanye West has been rather silent. The rapper has been recording his latest album in Wyoming and he’s been pretty tight-lippe about what we can expect from him. Today, Kanye revealed a new merch line to promote his upcoming album, The Life of Pablo. On his website Kanyewestmerch.ltd, the rapper is selling shirtless t-shirts for $90 with just one word printed on them: Pablo. When you click on this link it says No products found. Please try again later which seems to be Kanye’s way of saying that the product isn’t available yet but they will be soon enough because it also says coming soon. For those who was able to get their hands on some clothing, they are being sale at $90 which seems like an incredibly high price considering you could buy two shirts off Amazon for that price. There are also shoes available too but all four pairs are $220 which is even more expensive than their average shoe prices which range between $150-$170.

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