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Metaverse: A World Full Of Possibilities

by keeptrackit
Metaverse: A World Full Of Possibilities

Ever imagined a world where you can create and make your avatars and do what you tend to do in the real world, like catching up with your friends, buying land, or even planning a wedding.

You might think that this is what we do in the real world, so what is Metaverse?

Metaverse combines augmented reality and virtual reality to create a world where people can interact and experience things as the real world. I know it’s a bit difficult to grasp.

Just understand it this way, the internet you use on your devices is two-dimensional, where you search and scroll your queries. On the other hand, the Metaverse is three-dimensional, where you can experience it using VR glasses.

People can create their avatars and interact and play games in this world. They can catch up with their friends, arrange a get-together, attend a concert or a wedding. You can even purchase your digital land.

Yes, you heard it right, and it is already happening. You can now buy your digital property in a 3-D virtual world known as Decentraland. And the cryptocurrency used in Decentraland through which you can make your transactions is termed MANA.

You might think about who will be investing in such a world, but my friend, you will be thrilled to learn that it has started, and there are 90,601 plots in Decentraland, and recently, a Canadian firm bought a digital property in a whopping $2.43 million.

And this is just the beginning. Various software and gaming giants have placed their bets on Metaverse; for instance, Facebook changed its name to Meta with a vision to see the company as a Metaverse company. Not only Facebook (known as Meta), but giants like Microsoft, Epic Games (the company that developed Fortnite), Apple, and many more are now betting on Metaverse.

Though it’s too early to generate conclusions about this virtual 3-D reality, it is difficult to ignore that it can change the world in a whole new way. With its pros and cons coming into the picture, it is you who will be in the driver’s seat. So, best of luck!

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