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NFTs Are Not Just For Artists But Also For Hoteliers

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Post Covid-19, we have been witnessing a spike in the travel sector. Food and accommodation are the main requirements for a traveler. One will expect a convenient and hygienic place to stay. In this fast-changing world, business competition is not the same as before. Hoteliers are slowly introducing advanced technologies to recover and enhance their business. 


You would have definitely heard of the word ‘NFT.’ From famous artists to common people, NFT space has millions of users globally. Of course, it is a brave step to fight the competition. Continue reading to know more about NFT use cases in the hotel industry. 


Room Booking

Hotel booking is the main piece where NFT can provide more ease to both customers and hoteliers. 


Booking cancellation is one of the common things in the hotel industry. A sudden change of plan will make the customer cancel their booking. But in existing systems, this process will not go as smoothly as it sounds. NFTs are the savior of such situations as it helps in easy cancellation and booking.


Identity verification and authentication help hoteliers easily take entries. Thus, the reception will not have any burden like maintaining an oversized register containing customer details.

Hotel owners can convert the rooms as NFTs and sell them to customers. 


Customized Rooms

Sometimes, customers will demand specific features in their room. Giving the expected facilities will improve the customer satisfaction rate. So, hoteliers will pay more attention to customization. 


For example, a person would like to stay in a room near the beach view. Other needs like the number of rooms, food, etc.


As each NFT has a description explaining the details of the room, the customers can choose any of them. Also, users can be given smart cards instead of keys. So, there will be less risk of losing entry access to your room. 


Virtual Room Tours

VR is making a big difference to the existing industries. The hotel industry is no exception to it. Nowadays, a hotelier can make a copy of their hotel in a virtual world. Then, they can bring customers to have a virtual tour. 


Refunds And Selling

During emergencies, the customers might cancel their plans and expect a refund. At present, reimbursement will take a long time to get approved. But, NFTs can save time as smart contracts terminate the booking once the customer cancels it. Finally, the payment will be automatically returned to the customer. 


Partnerships and Business Opportunities

NFTs are the best place to make your business global. At the same time, this virtual space has the potential to create numerous business opportunities. 


For instance, a hotelier can join hands with local artists and global companies and sell their partner’s products in their hotel. This step will improve the business for a geo-location targeted audience. 


Don’t lose the best partnership opportunities! Get in touch with a top NFT token development company to create an NFT for your business. 


Gifts and Loyalty Tokens

Hotels can offer loyalty badges and give discount offers for badge holders. They can also gift digital assets that have real value in the NFT space. For example, music concert & sports tournament tickets, painting, music, in-game avatars, etc. 


The more attractive offers, the higher will be the customer loyalty and retention rates. 



The level of growth in the hotel industry is evident. From in-person booking to online booking, everything changed to the current trend. Interestingly, we can even pay for the bookings using cryptocurrencies. 


This shows that every sector will be expected to have a complete digital transformation in the future. 


Recently, we have come across the news about the Maldives floating City. The hotels in such popular tourist destinations can employ NFT development services to enhance their business. Are you a hotelier? Join the future of hotels by adopting NFT.  


To equip your business with the NFT trend, consult the professional NFT marketplace development company and reap the benefits of non-fungible tokens. 

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