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Office Work: How to Improve Health in Everyday Office Life

by keeptrackit
Office Work: How to Improve Health in Everyday Office Life

Although office work has some advantages and a significantly lower risk of injury during the activity compared to heavy physical work in trade and parts of industry, it is associated with its own risks for our health. How we can counter these and reduce them is the subject of our article on health promotion in office work.

Make working conditions health-promoting

An important prerequisite for healthy work in the office is a health-promoting working environment. This means, for example, our work area, which usually consists of a desk and desk chair. A height- adjustable desk offers great advantages , because it can be used for working in both a sitting and standing position. For maximum comfort, there are models that can be adjusted via a motor at the push of a button and without any effort. If we work both standing and sitting during the working day, the stress is less one-sided and this is good for our back health in particular.

An ergonomically shaped office chair is also important for back health. For this purpose, the legislature makes numerous specifications within the framework of occupational safety, so that high-quality office chairs are usually used in offices. However, these must also be adapted to your own needs, because only then will they fulfill their full function. Both the seat height and the inclination of the backrest and the position of the armrests should suit your own physique and be adjusted accordingly.

The available light at the workplace affects health on the one hand and performance on the other. Sufficiently bright lighting in a position that does not cause reflections on the screen is a prerequisite for healthy work in the office. In addition, direct sunlight should be avoided at the workplace.

Active breaks: Good for body and mind

Although the break is very short compared to the daily working hours, it can be used specifically for better health and performance. It is important to be active during the lunch break . At work we sit most of the time and hardly move. The lunch break can therefore be used for some exercise. A brisk walk in the vicinity of the workplace gets our body going again, relieves the strain on the back and at the same time contributes to relaxation. After exercise in the fresh air, we feel much fitter and are more productive than our colleagues who fall into their midday slump after a hearty meal in the canteen.

However, it does not have to stay with exercise during breaks, because exercise can also be integrated into everyday office life during working hours. Whenever possible, we should take the opportunity to take a quick walk to the copier or a colleague. For example, even while we are sitting, we can use phone time to stretch and stretch or even stand up briefly and make the phone call while standing.

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