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Solid wood doors: types and features of operation

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Different types of wood are used to create doors that have a number of properties and a spectacular appearance. Such products are presented in a wide variety and require the right choice, precise installation and competent care during operation.

The device of doors from the massif

Doors made of natural wood of different species are diverse and have a respectable appearance. They can be made from glued laminated timber or solid wood. In the first case, products are made from wooden fragments glued together under pressure. In this case, residual materials, bars of different sizes are used. The elements are glued into a canvas, which, after drying, is leveled and subjected to further processing. The quality and strength of such structures depend on the source material, the adhesive used, and the thoroughness of processing.

Solid wood products are made from wood that does not have defects, cracks or knots. The design uses the maximum number of non-glued parts. Solid wood doors are more durable and reliable than other options. The device of glued or solid models is practically the same and eliminates the use of screws when assembling the canvas.

The door from the array consists of several elements. It:

  • canvas – the main part of the door, which can be deaf or with various decorative inserts;
  • platbands – are an element of the design of the door frame;
  • door frame – is installed in the opening, and the doors are hung inside it;
  • fittings – in the form of a door handle, lock, hinges – make the design easy to use;
  • Threshold – presented in the form of a small bar, mounted on the border of the rooms that are separated by the door.

Solid construction options

Solid wood doors differ in two main parameters: the material of manufacture and design features. For the production of such products, wood of different species is used, and many characteristics of finished doors depend on this, for example, service life.

When choosing any design, you should consider such features as:

  • The quality of the material and workmanship. There should be no cracks, scratches, abrasions and other defects on the surface of the products, and glass inserts should be securely fixed.
  • The door should open/close easily without hitting the box. Otherwise, the canvas will quickly rub and lose its appearance.
  • Lacquer coating is the main protection of wood. The absence of chips and the uniformity of coloring of the canvas indicate the quality of the products.
  • The direction in which the door opens determines the convenience of its operation.
  • The dimensions of the product must correspond to the opening or convenient use of the structure.
  • Color and decor are selected depending on the overall interior and the shade of the furniture in the room.

Classification of doors according to the material of manufacture

There are several main types of wood that are used to make doors, furniture, and interior items. Each type has special properties, on which both the cost of finished products and their operation depend.

Manufacturers make doors from an array of the following species:

Pine is an affordable and practical material. Products from it have a low cost, are characterized by easy and long-term operation. The material is easily processed, but may release resin if the production technology is not followed. Pine wood structures can be repaired and restored, extending the life of old products.

Alder is valued for its strength, moreover, after processing, doors made of such wood acquire a pattern similar to marble patterns. Products are resistant to moisture, have a burgundy hue after processing, average cost and differ from pine in a more noble and respectable appearance.

Alder is valued for its strength, moreover, after processing, doors made of such wood acquire a pattern similar to marble patterns. Products are resistant to moisture, have a burgundy hue after processing, average cost and differ from pine in a more noble and respectable appearance.

Types of door designs

Modern technologies make it possible to process wood in various ways, giving wooden elements any shape and size. In this regard, manufacturers produce doors of various designs from an array. Therefore, it is easy for the consumer to choose a product that meets all the necessary requirements and personal preferences. The most popular designs are:

  • Radial doors are arranged according to the principle of compartment doors, that is, they move along special rails, but not straight, but laid in the form of a semicircle. Such designs often have frosted or other glass inserts, but can also be deaf. Products are optimal for corner-type dressing rooms, as they allow you to maximize the use of space and at the same time avoid right angles.

Paneled doors have inserts made of wooden planks, the shape of which can be different. These elements, when assembling the door, are installed in the frame on a tenon groove or with glue. The result is a blank door with an interesting design in the form of curly inserts. Such designs are reliable, emphasize any interior and do not require special operation. Products can be installed in any room.

Production of wooden doors

Independent production of solid wood doors entails the need to purchase special equipment, master the technology and the intricacies of wood processing. This is due to the fact that with incorrect actions, the door will quickly become unusable, cracks will appear, and the structure will lose its functionality. Therefore, it is best to purchase a finished product or order a door from a manufacturer or a professional master carpenter. In this case, the element will meet the desired dimensions and requirements, as well as durable and beautiful.

Materials and tools

If you still need to make wooden doors with your own hands, then you should take care of the availability of such equipment and tools as:

  • electric jigsaw or circular saw;
  • manual milling cutter for creating grooves;
  • grinder / grinder with sanding paper;
  • screwdriver, electric drill;
  • ruler / tape measure, screwdrivers, chisel, square, pencil.

Preliminary determine the type of doors, the presence / absence of inserts, the location of the panels.

Doors are made of planed boards with a section of 150×40 mm. The material must have a moisture content of not more than 12%, otherwise raw wood will cause deformation of products during operation. The length of the elements depends on the dimensions of the doors, which are determined by measuring the opening. The latter should be larger than the finished canvas by 80-100 mm in height and 50-60 mm in width. The thickness of the door is calculated depending on the size of the opening, and if the latter is wider than the box, then additional black bedside table is installed, and then platbands.

For work, you will need PVA carpentry glue, dowels or confirmations, solid wood for panels. In building supply stores, you can buy ready-made planed boards of optimal moisture, elements for panels, special wood glue, paints and varnishes for processing wooden products.

Features of installing doors

The ease of use of the composite doors depends on the correct installation. Therefore, it is worth first aligning and preparing the opening for mounting the structure. The walls should not have rough irregularities, obvious depressions. Small gaps formed after the installation of the box can be easily eliminated with mounting foam. The main stages of door installation are as follows:

  1. The assembled door frame is leveled into the prepared opening, secured with self-tapping screws on the sides and top.
  2. The hinges are placed on the box using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.
  3. The door leaf is hung on hinges, the ease of movement of the door is checked. Tighten or loosen loops as needed.
  4. The gaps between the box and the wall are sealed with foam, platbands are attached to thin carnations.

How to repair solid wood doors

As a result of intensive use, various defects may appear on wooden doors. Often they can be eliminated on their own, thereby extending the service life and restoring the appearance of the canvas. The most common cases are:

  • scratches, small chips of the paintwork can be eliminated with furniture wax and a special furniture marker or corrector;
  • if the door touches the box when closing, then the hinge screws should be tightened;
  • a broken door handle or lock is carefully removed and a new device is mounted in their place;
  • the gaps between the door and the box can be easily eliminated by gluing a special thin sealant;
  • large cracks that do not affect the operation of the door can be repaired with wood putty and varnished over this place.

Doors made of natural wood are spectacular, environmentally friendly and beautiful, but they need proper installation and maintenance. High quality workmanship will ensure the integrity of the structure for many years.

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