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This month, there will be new checks—Stimulus Check Update

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Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, or Mississippi… Are you sure that your state includeis d on the updated list for the month of October? We’ve got updated information from every state that is providing economic assistance.

States throughout the US are seeking to give an extra boost in their economics to their citizens who are facing difficult times and are doing this with different types of stimulus checks.

This financial aid from the state is received with enthusiasm by families from all US states. In these times of uncertainty, the residents of states that have their own stimulus funds can better manage the aftermath of this pandemic.

These “stimulus checks” are benefits given by the government to low-income and middle-income households, helping Americans to manage their finances in the face of the difficulties brought on by COVID-19. There were Federal stimulant checks issued through the US government, and at present, some states are also making similar checks to their citizens. This means that households across the United States are keen to know whether they’ll be eligible for these forms of aid. That is why we’ve decided to look at what states are working on regarding check-ins for stimulus updates as well as other types of assistance to the economy.

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Below, we’ve listed states in which cash checks for stimulus are being made or discussed, or the money is already handed to residents. We’ll also outline how you can be eligible for the Fourth stimulus check.

Stimulus Checks status – Stimulus October Updated List

Despite the deadline to send the money set on December 31, many states are on the process of distributing checks in areas where they are required. Additionally, each month is likely to bring new information, and, therefore, here is an overview of the status of stimulus checks in each state for the month of October in 2021. Below, we review the different states and provide the circumstances surrounding the stimulus checks in every state.


Residents of Alaska could be eligible for additional funds via the federal State’s Extended Benefits program. This could mean an additional 13-20 weeks of payments. This is only available for specific residents and is contingent on the amount of this amount that has been claimed already. Additionally, Alaskans are waiting for news on what’s going to happen in the cash checks for the oil industry.

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The state of Arkansas is currently uncertain as authorities from the Arkansas State government in a legal fight with its residents concerning the termination of Federal unemployment benefit which included 300 dollar per week. As long as that fight is not resolved the possibility of the issue of a fourth payment is likely to be put off.

California – Golden State Stimulus

According to the current situation, California is the only state to send an cash stimulus update with their own money as part of the Golden State Stimulus because the state is in a surplus in their budget due to the tax structure. The residents who earn 30,000-75,000 dollars per year can claim 600 or 500 dollars, and 500 dollars that are paid to families with dependent children. (Read further about Califorthe nia stimulus).

Checks are now available for October 5

Since September 17th on the 17th of September, Golden State Stimulus update payments are now being distributed to citizens who are eligible across California If you plan to receive the check through mail, they are due to be delivered by the 5th of October.


The recipients of at the very least one unemployment check between March 15, 2020 between October 24 2020, will receive the sum of 375 dollars. However, those with higher incomes and who are eligible to receive more than 500 dollars per week of employment benefits are not qualified.

Florida Stimulus checks

Teachers and administrators received the one-hundred dollar amount but the process is still in its beginnings.

Georgia Stimulus

Georgia’s budget is generous and full-time administrators and teachers will take home a sum of $1,000 and part-time teachers will get 500 dollars. Pre-K educators are also likely to be eligible for payments.


All local and state taxation on benefits for unemployment have been eliminated as well as the stimulus update payment of 500 dollars to households and $300 for those who applied to claim the earned income tax credit were included in the legislation.

Around 700 million dollars have been allocated for meat packers and farm workers and 20 million will be given to workers at grocery stores, through the funding provided by the Consolidated Appropriations Law in 2021.


Mississippi was among the states in which the unemployment benefits payments were cut off early, and there are no plans for additional cash-for-sustainment checks to be paid out. This is among the states where a new payment cycle is unlikely.


To improve the economic condition of locals in Michigan In an effort to improve the economic situation of Michigan, the state is now sending 500 dollars in hazard paybonuses to teachers.

New Mexico

The state of New Mexico, there is an initiative to give 5 million dollars to those who did not be eligible for federal benefits.

New York

For New York, there is an 2.1 billion-dollar fund to help non-documented workers who are ineligible to claim financial assistance through the federal stimulus update. To be eligible you must be an residents of the State and earned more than 26208 dollars by the year 2020.

Additionally it is expected that in addition, the New York City Artist Corps will also be supporting local artists through the form of a single payment to be distributed during September.


Checks worth $1,000 dollars will be given to teachers. The checks will be labeled as bonuses for hazard pay, and part-time teachers will receive 500 dollars.


The state has not confirmed anything state-wide yet, however, Fort Worth and Arlington will increase the salary of district employees by four percent. Denton and Mansfile will increase the pay of two percent and Denton staff will receive an additional bonus in the amount of $500. In Irving there will be the $2000 pay-out will be made available to those who return to their classrooms in September.

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