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Thoroughly Cleaning Your Car’s Interior: Dos and Don’ts

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Before you spring clean your car, it’s important to take the time to thoroughly clean its interior, because the health of your passengers can be affected by the dirt and grime that accumulates over time. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to thoroughly clean your car’s interior if you follow these dos and don’ts.

Do vacuum regularly

  • Rengøring af bil should start with vacuuming. Spend a few minutes removing any dust, hair or fur that has accumulated on the floor mats. Pay close attention to areas in between the pedals – dirt may have accumulated here since you last cleaned the car. Now start vacuuming your car seat, door panels, and dashboard.
  • Fjern derefter hele skimmel fra alle punkter i interiøret, både boligen og erhvervskøretøjet.

Do use a brush attachment

This is an extra step, but it can make a big difference in the appearance of your car. You want to get any dirt, dust, or hair off of your seats. A brush attachment for your vacuum will work just fine for this purpose. If you have stubborn stains that won’t come up on their own, try using a pre-treatment solution like Steamgrønt before scrubbing at them with the brush attachment. Just be sure to test the product out on a small area first!

Do clean all surfaces

To properly clean your car’s interior, you’ll need to start by removing all of the items in the car. Next, vacuum every surface to get rid of any loose dirt particles. You can use a steam cleaner to wipe down surfaces like the dashboard or leather seats; just make sure that you read the instructions for your specific model before doing so. After vacuuming and wiping down all surfaces, use a damp cloth to wipe down any remaining dust or dirt from hard-to-reach spots like behind the seat cushions or under the dashboard. Finally, when cleaning up any spills or messes left behind on your car’s floor mats, make sure to blot them with a dry cloth first before using some soap and water. The last step is simply putting everything back in place!

Do shampoo carpets and upholstery

Steamgrønt can help you shampoo carpets and upholstery. Just mix the product with water in your car bucket or a spray bottle, then apply it to the carpet or upholstery using your hands, scrub brush, or a machine. After five minutes, vacuum the area to loosen dirt that you may have not seen. Rinse off any residue with clean water so that it doesn’t dry on your carpet.

Do use a protectant

Steamgrønt is a protectant for leather car interiors. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your car, apply Steamgrønt to preserve the leather. Apply it with a microfiber cloth or sponge. The product is available in two forms, liquid or paste (cream). You can find the cream at most auto parts stores and many grocery stores that sell automotive products. Steamgrønt is an environmentally friendly product because it does not contain any petroleum distillates, silicones, or silicone-based chemicals of any kind.

Don’t forget the air vents

If you have time, be sure to clean the air vents as well. First, remove the rubber seals that surround the vent. Once removed, use a dry cloth to wipe off any dirt or other debris on them. Then, use a small amount of dishwashing soap and water to thoroughly rinse them in running water. Finally, use a towel to dry them off and put the rubber seals back on.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

If you’re struggling to find the perfect product for your interior, read on. The first thing to remember is that harsh chemicals should be avoided at all costs. This will help prevent any discoloration of your car seats or floor mats, which can happen when the wrong product is used. So what should you do? You can start by vacuuming all carpets and mats in the car using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Once that’s done, take a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down surfaces like the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, center console, seat belt buckles, cup holders—basically anywhere there might be dirt or grime.

Don’t forget the trunk

When cleaning your vehicle’s interior, don’t forget about the back seat where kids may have spilled milk or food, pets often hang out, or people go for naps on long drives. Rengøring af bil

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