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If you are new to the embroidery world, the production and digitising of embroidery patches can be intimidating. Embroidering patches is not much different or more difficult than regular embroidered jobs. After they get started, embroidered patches are one of the most popular orders among digitizers. Because of their distinct crispness and assertiveness, patches will always be a favourite among devoted embroiderers and buyers. We’ll go over some of the most popular embroidering and digitising methods. 


Embroidered patches, badges, and appliques all of these terms refer to the process of making embroidery pieces. After that, they can be applied to clothing. Think of patches like armed services patches. Personnel wear these on their sleeves to identify the unit in which they serve. These are usually embroidered. They have strong stitching around the edges and a sturdy backing. These are also available in much smaller sizes for medical histories or any other claims that may be made. It enhances the appearance of a uniform by making it more stylish or fashionable.

Custom Embroidery patches


Before you design or digitise an embroidery patch, you must first order plain patches.  Oval, round, square, and custom shapes are occasionally available. A variety of sizes are also available. Finding patch sizes, whether one inch or a full-back, is a simple decision.


It is never a good idea to pick bare patches at random. It is simple to locate bare patches. You should make your decision based on the preferences of your target audience as well as the limitations of your embroidery machine. Having excessively large or exceedingly small sizes can be a problem depending on the machine you’re using.


After size and shape, the colour is the most important consideration. You can choose between plain and heat sensitive depending on your target audience’s preferences and the capabilities of your embroidery machine. Again, the decision is yours, but we recommend going with the plain ones.

Finally, you must decide on a merrow colour. Merrow is the thread that runs around the edge of the patch. At the edges, there is a bulge. The threads are eventually locked here after they have been embroidered.

Embroidery Patches


It is simple to complete the first one. It is sufficient to use a sticky backing or stabiliser. If you are familiar with needlework manufacturing, stabilisers are an absolute must. They are, however, sticky this time.

One such issue is the stabiliser becoming stuck to the needle. This will occur when embroidering multiple patches in a single hoop. As a result, you may experience frequent thread breaks, which you do not want. To clean the needle, use a drop of machine oil and a clean cloth. The aerosol solution comes in second place. Make sure the spray adhesive you’re using is made for machine embroidery. Allow the adhesive on the back of the patch to dry. Put it on your clothing right now to see if it sticks. If the adhesive effect is insufficient, apply a second coat to ensure a secure grip.

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