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For a beginner, machine embroidery is both exhilarating and intimidating. Beginners frequently ignore the significance of understanding the many types of machine embroidery thread and how to use them. Before we go into threads, it’s important to recognise that not all threads are the same, and not all machines are the same. Matching thread brand to machine and needle is akin to perfecting a recipe. Some thread kinds and brands are more compatible with specific machines and needles.

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The following are some examples of thread kinds.

  1. Cotton floss for stranded embroidery

Stranded embroidered cotton thread is the most often used thread for embroidery. You might refer to it as ‘Embroidery floss.’ This is the most popular thread for most embroidery projects, including cross stitch. Depending on the effect you want on the work or the material you are working on, you can thread your needle with all six strands or divide the thread.

  1. Floss of Rayon

Rayon floss is utilised for of its vibrant colours and silky sheen. It is the most gleaming embroidery floss and is accessible in the same manner as stranded cotton thread. However, it might be a challenging thread to work with. It readily knots and tangles. To avoid tangling issues, utilise short lengths. You can also slightly dampen the thread before dealing with it by running it through a wet sponge.

  1. Yarn for Tapestry

Tapestry yarn is a soft, thick yarn that is best used on canvas and other heavy materials; it is also used for needlepoint and crewelwork tasks. Persian Yarn is another type of yarn used in needlepoint, crewel needlework, and cross-stitch. It works well with canvas and other thick textiles.

  1. Wool

This is a two-ply strand of fine natural wool or acrylic that is used in wool embroidery, needlepoint, cross-stitch, and tapestry work. Because one strand of this fabric is as wide as two strands of embroider floss thread, you may thread it on your needle and use it exactly like other embroidery threads for projects that require texture.

  1. Silk thread

Silk threads come in a variety of vibrant colours and are widely used in fine embroidery. The issues with using hemp fibers in embroidery work are that they fade quickly and may bleed.

  1. Crochet thread

Crochet may be done with anything, including embroidery floss. The yarns listed above can also be used for crocheting. However, there is a particular crochet yarn with a lovely sheen. It can be used to produce lovely doilies and other crochet items, as well as string art.

  1. Thread Sashiko

This is a particular embroidery thread used for the Japanese needlework technique known as Sashiko. One strand of Sashiko embroidery thread is the thickness of four embroidery threads with a particular twist that makes it highly robust and durable — ideal for the famous clothes repair work.


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