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Web Design 2022: These Trends are Modern

by keeptrackit
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When it comes to the topics of immersion, interaction and animation, the digital world has to offer numerous innovations and new features every year. Certain developments can also be seen in the field of web design that will play a major role in the coming year 2022. 

For example, the 1980s and 1990s are experiencing a comeback, live animation continues to develop and the importance of website typography is increasing. Companies that are already professionally implementing the new trends today and want to gain an important competitive advantage should use the services of a competent agency.

The following article explains today which trends will play a particularly important role in 2022.

The Memphis design

The aesthetics of Memphis design shaped the 1980s in particular, but today it is often decried as kitsch. The reason for this is that the Memphis design is characterized by the fact that chaotic shapes and patterns are combined with one another, which can be quite a challenge for the viewer. The design concept can be seen as a contrast to minimalism. 

However, there are also many people who are enthusiastic about the open-minded, colorful and adventurous design. After all, the minimalist designs of modern websites hardly stand out from one another today. For this reason, many web designers are currently again being inspired by the Memphis design. 

The hero image 

The hero image is the area of ​​a website that the visitor sees first. For this reason, it is important that this hero image makes some kind of statement. Typography is mainly used for this. 

Images can hardly be found in the hero areas or not at all. This creates the valuable opportunity to make the first impression for the visitor particularly sustainable and memorable. The sections leave enough space for creative and tasteful font styles, and they also impress with their simplicity. 

The retro comeback

Younger Internet users can hardly remember the beginnings of the triumphant advance of the World Wide Web. However, more and more talented web designers are now using these times again as inspiration for their designs. For example, the Internet of the 1990s was characterized by its robot-like fonts, visible tables, and bold background colors. 

Of course, there is a certain risk of offending users with this design, but the trend of the bygone days will be breathed new life in the coming year. Striking colors, graphics and unnecessary gimmicks will be found on more and more websites. The creativity can be given free rein. 

The Visible Borders

A good web design has an almost magical effect on users. The impression is created that the content has been neatly arranged by an invisible hand and is floating completely free in digital space. However, this illusion turns out to be a little less romantic in practice, because websites are created according to a precise grid based on codes that hold it together. 

The layouts of the web designers will be more realistic in 2022, as the structure of the website will be presented openly with the help of simple frames and borders. The visible grid has the advantage that a clear separation of the individual areas is made possible. This in turn benefits the clarity and prevents the website from appearing overloaded.

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