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What is The Best Car Oil You Should Refer to Change For Your Auto?

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If you do not change the car oil periodically, it can seriously affect the engine, leading to malfunctions and severe damage. Keeptrackit will help you synthesize the best car lubricants and how to change the oil for your car.

The effect of car oil

Automotive engine oil is a type of lubricant whose main component is crude oil combined with many other additives such as antioxidants, cleaning agents, dispersants, viscosity index improvers, etc.

The benefits of automotive lubricants:

  • Lubricating, reducing friction for the engine
  • Cooling, engine cooling
  • Car oil will help clean and remove dirt in the process of fuel combustion
  • Anti-rust, maintains the durability of the engine because it helps limit the engine’s exposure to the air
  • Vehicle engine oil also acts as a soft (amorphous) seal between the piston and the engine cylinder wall. Thereby helping to burn fuel in the combustion chamber more efficiently, without loss.

Why change lubricating oil periodically?

When the engine is running, it will produce soot and metal chips. One of the uses of lubricants is to remove these soot and metal chips. As a result, the oil will be contaminated. Although the system is equipped with a car oil filter, it is difficult to clean it completely after a long time.

Why change lubricating oil periodically?
Why change lubricating oil periodically?

More importantly, when the engine is running, the heat generated will be very large. This greatly affects the quality of the oil, causing the oil to gradually degrade over time. Thereby changing the general properties of the oil, making the oil no longer perform well it’s lubricating, cooling, cleaning, anti-rust…

Therefore, it is necessary to change the car oil periodically.

Cons of not changing the oil regularly

Engine wear and tear and damage: Because the oil is no longer lubricated well, the machine parts are subjected to great friction, leading to rapid wear and tear, possibly even jamming, cracking, and severe damage…

Engine overheating: The dirtier the oil, the lower the cooling capacity, even boiling. This can cause the motor to overheat, causing serious damage to the engine.

The engine is dirty and rusty: The oil itself is dirty, so it is difficult to perform the cleaning function for the engine. So the longer the engine is left, the dirtier it will be, greatly affecting the machine parts, which can lead to rust in the long run.

Reduced engine efficiency: Machine parts that are not lubricated or cleaned well will cause the shaft joints to not operate properly and smoothly as usual. This will reduce engine performance. The car will no longer operate as strongly and smoothly as before, and at the same time will consume more fuel.

How many km to change car oil 1 time?

To know when to change their car oil, most car users will be based on the recommended mileage or time. According to car manufacturers, the time to change car oil periodically should be from 3,000 to 5,000 km of operation or 3 months.

Particularly for luxury cars, the oil change time may be longer. For example, Mercedes-Benz cars change their oil every 8,000 km. To know the exact time to change the oil, you should refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or seek direct advice from the company’s technical experts.

Brands of good lubricants for cars

1. Castrol Oil

Castrol automotive lubricants are manufactured by British Petroleum Group BP.

Outstanding Features:

  • Wide range to suit different car models
  • Prices are average
Castrol Oil
Castrol Oil

2. Motul Oil

Motul automotive lubricant is a trademark of Motul company – a subsidiary of New Jersey’s Standard Oil Corporation of the US, born in 1853.

Outstanding Features:

  • Good anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-foam ability
  • Good water separation ability
  • The selling price is a bit high compared to the common ground

3. Shell Oil

Shell automotive lubricants are one of the oldest lubricant brands in the world from the UK.

Outstanding Features:

  • The cleaning ability is very appreciated
  • Good self-separation ability
  • Based on high-grade mineral oil, adding many additives for high efficiency
  • The selling price is a bit high compared to the common ground

4. Total Oil

Total automotive lubricants is a French oil brand launched in 1990. The products are franchised by ExxonMobil.

Outstanding Features:

  • Stable quality, good workability even in harsh conditions
  • The price is quite affordable

5. Mobil Oil

Mobil automotive lubricants are a trademark of ExxonMobil Corporation from the United States.

Outstanding Features:

  • Works well even in harsh working conditions
  • Fewer impurities than most conventional oils
  • High selling price due to import

6. Valvoline Oil

Valvoline automotive lubricant is a brand name of Ashland Corporation from the US, born in 1866.

Outstanding Features:

  • Mainly produces multigrade oils
  • High working efficiency
  • High selling price. However, you can reduce the cost of an oil change by using the Valvoline coupon $25 off.

7. Pennzoil Oil

Pennzoil is an oil brand from the United States.

Outstanding Features:

  • Works well even in low and high-temperature conditions
  • High selling price

The above article is a summary of the best lubricants for cars today. Depending on the vehicle model, usage conditions, number of operating kilometers, etc., car owners can choose the right lubricant for their vehicle. Don’t forget to use discount codes for Oil changes at Findcouponhere.net to save money on your purchase. Hope this article will help you in the process of maintaining your car.

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