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What To Look for when buying All tyres tyres? 

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Finding a tyre that is compatible with your vehicle and also fits your requirements can be difficult but not impossible. Let us look at the aspects of finding a perfect fit tyre for your vehicle.

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  • Size of the tyre

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The size of the tyres makes the performance of the vehicle better. If they do not have the original size it can also impact the vehicle. For your tyre’s better performance always choose the size mentioned on the car manual. We can also help you with finding the correct size of tyre for your vehicle depending on its model. We offer a variety of sizes of Tyres Bloxwich.

  • Tread pattern 

The vehicle runs on the road surface but the only part of the vehicle that is in touch with the surface is its tyres. The treads comprise:

Ribs, made of tread blocks, are the budling section of the tread.

Grooves are the deep channels on the tread that runs circumferentially and laterally. 

Tread blocks are the rubber segments which make contact with the surface.

Sipes, small slots moulded into tread blocks.

The ribs, grooves, tread blocks and sipes when combined in a unique pattern enhances the performance of the tyre. It targets critical areas such as handling, traction, noise, and wear. This also has allowed the manufacturers to develop tread patterns to offer better handling in specific driving situations. They offer you three kinds of tread pattern Car Tyres Wolverhampton.

1. Asymmetrical tread pattern 

The Asymmetric tread has a dual tread pattern inside and outside the tyre. The inner tread evacuates the water from underneath the tread hence preventing aquaplaning. The outer tread offer traction which helps these tyres to roll without skidding. This is why these tyres are most famous on race tracks. They also offer ultra-high performance and great traction on wet roads. 

2. Symmetric tread pattern

Symmetric tread patterns are most suited for passenger tyres. They have similar tread patterns inside and outside the sidewall. They offer the most traction on dry roads. In addition to that, symmetric tread patterns are more lasting and fuel-efficient. They also offer better flexibility for tyre rotation and reduce the disturbance to a minimum.

3. Directional tread pattern

The directional tread pattern tyre can only roll in the forwarding direction which is why they are common in winter tyres. Besides that, the grooves of these tyres are in the middle and shape like an arrowhead. This arrowhead specifies the direction of mounting. A directional tread pattern also offers extra traction.

  • Suitable for specific weather conditions

The temperature can affect the tyres and make them malfunction. We hope you don’t want to be stuck in a snow storm with a dead tyre or be a victim of a tyre blowout in summer. This is why seasonal tyres are important.

1. Winter tyres

Winter tyres are most efficient when under 7°C. These tyres are special as they do not harden when the temperature drops. Instead, they remain soft and flexible because of their special rubber compound. To provide more traction over the icy and slippery surfaces, they have deep treads and thousands of grooves. The deep treads collect the snow while the grooves intensify the grip over the surfaces. However, these tyres cannot sustain in higher temperatures and can also malfunction.

2. Summer tyres 

The summer tyres are sustainable in temperatures above 7°C. They have a rubber compound that allows the tyre to remain soft but hard enough to move smoothly over the hot surface. These tyres also have grooves but lesser than winter tyres as they need less traction. The wide tread blocks help in increasing the contact patch which directly affects the handling of the tyre. More the contact patch, increase in stability and handling while high-speed rating. 

3. All-seasons tyres

Pin places with moderate temperatures, it seems exhausting to change tyres every other season. This is why all-season tyres are here to relieve you of that trouble. These tyres are well suitable for moderate cold and warm weather conditions. They also have grooves and wide tread blocks. It allows them to move smoothly and comfortably with great traction on both hot and warm surfaces. All-season tyres are much more durable than the other two seasonal tyres. However, they cannit sustain temperatures below 4°C. You can purchase your Car Tyres Wolverhampton.

  • Rubber material

The rubber compound of the tyre depends on the tyres and in which condition you are going to drive it. However the quality of rubber material tyres matters. The quality rubber material will resist the overheating of the tyre and avoid possible blowouts. It also dictates the durability of the tyre. 


We serve with the purpose of safety and comfort to our customers. If you are having trouble finding the right tyre or require a second opinion we are here to help you. After all, our customer is like an extended family and we always take care of our family.

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