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Why Cars Do Fail MOT Tests?

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MOT Tests

MOT test stands for Ministry of Transport. It is one of the most important tests that show the roadworthiness of the vehicle. It is an annual and mandatory test that all vehicle needs to undergo every year without fail.

Annual MOT London inspections are essential for all vehicles older than three years, and for many, especially owners of older vehicles, these inspections may be a cause of anxiety. A car may fail an MOT for a number of reasons, the most frequent of which we’ll list here, and this might lead to expensive repairs.

How do tyres lead to failure in MOT tests-

When you use inappropriate car tyres– Using car tyres that match the road surface is essential. For example- The use of summer tyres in the hot and dry seasons will enhance the safety and handling while driving. Similarly, the use of winter tyres can significantly impact the driving conditions in lower temperatures. The use of appropriate car tyres is important as it will maintain steadiness and handling while driving on difficult and unpredicted road surfaces. If not, the tyres will start getting damaged leading to mismanaged driving and handling issues in the middle of the road.

Driving habits– When you drive fast, the car tyre tends to wear out faster. Driving in a proper manner will always increase their life but people do not focus on that and drive extremely fast and end up damaging their tyres which leads to failure in MOT tests.

When the tyre lack alignment– Tyres tend to lose their alignment when they are driven fast, driven on rough road conditions and not given proper repair. Driving with unaligned car tyres can lead to various types of damage and even end you up in accidents and hence leads to MOT Test.

Lack of tread depth – Tyre tread depth is crucial, and if yours determine to be inadequate (less than 1.6mm), your car will not pass its MOT. In actuality, problems with tread depth account for 14% of MOT failures. The tread of the tyre can wear out for so many reasons like driving fast, unaligned car tyres, driving on rough road conditions, lack of repair and service, balancing issues and also use of inappropriate car tyres. When the tread depth is low, the tyre will start slipping and make your driving unsafe hence, it leads to failure in the MOT test.

Some of the parts responsible for MOT failure are-

  • Car Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Cleanliness inside cars

Researchers have found that these are the top three reasons for cars failing at the MOT test and not the engine and mirrors.

Car Tyres-

The only part of the vehicle that maintains a connection with the road surfaces and offers great traction for sustaining the grip while driving on various road surfaces. Without a good pair of car tyres, it can become difficult to maintain the overall safety and comfort of the vehicle.

There are a lot of reasons why your car tyres London can be a major reason for MOT failure. All the car owners must understand that tyres are a significant part of your vehicle and they need as much care as your car and various other parts or maybe that need more care because they are the ones getting in contact with the road surface and providing your safety.

The car tyres tend to wear out every time you drive, thus, the effect of wear and tear in a long term can impact the working condition of the vehicle.

Brakes –

After tyres, brakes are the most important part of the car because they help in putting a stop to it. Lack of a proper braking system can lead to severe situations like tyre bursts, accidents, brake failure and whatnot. To maintain safety and comfort while driving, you must focus on the braking system as well. If the brakes go out, they will eventually lead to failure in the MOT test.

The brake system just like your tyres wears out with time and needs proper repair and servicing. It is essential to provide servicing to your car from time to time. This will help you maintain various parts and have safety while driving which is more important.

Cleanliness inside the car-

No driver thinks about maintaining hygiene in their car but it is essential as it can distract your mind which can lead to accidents and misbalancing while driving. The car should be neat and clean from the inside, the floor mats, seat covers, mirrors must be clean and tidy. If the car is dusty it may lead to MOT failure.

All the factors are essential and you should pay extra care to them before getting the MOT test done. It is better to get a Car Service Colindale before going in for your MOT test. It will help you save money, time and effort.

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