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Why You Should Stock Fashion-Fruitful Size Clothing at Your Boutique

by Guest Writer

Trendy plus size wholesale clothing vendors has several advantages for your customers while also enhancing the success of your business. What you should know is as follows.

Did you know that 67% of American women wear a size between 14 and 34? As a result, the plus-size clothing business is worth billions of dollars and is growing. Everything is subject to data collection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including plus-size women. They discovered that the typical American woman weighs 170 pounds, is 5’4″ tall, and has a 38.7-inch waist. This is comparable to a size 14.

It raises the question of why there aren’t more plus-size-friendly retailers. Here are a few more reasons why selling fashionable plus-size clothing is a wonderful idea if you’re thinking about doing so.

1. There are 100 million plus-size women in the US.

Yes, the figures listed above are accurate. 100 million women or 67% of the population. Millions of women are looking for attire that enhances both their appearance and self-confidence. They’re tired of the elastic waistbands, the limited color options, and the identical fabric used for older people’s clothing.

In America, plus-size women hold executive positions in businesses and are also homemakers and mothers. They are military members who also work as doctors, athletes, and college students. Members want to have fun and live life when they are not working themselves to death. Thier aim to accomplish this while dressing in the newest styles. The fact that women demand it is the first and possibly the best justification for carrying fashionable plus-size clothing in your store. It is very much in demand.

2. More Money Is Willingly Paid by Plus-Size Women

Increasing prices for plus-size clothing is a topic of daily discussion in the retail sector. Although it doesn’t seem fair, enhancing clothing with material might raise the price. The typical growth rate is about 33.4%. Women will spend more money, nevertheless, if it means looking nice.

Even if it is unfair, women are used to paying more. Women pay more at hair salons than men do. They pay more for women, grooming supplies, footwear, wallets, and a variety of other items. They also spend more money on goods that help them feel and appear stylish.

Higher Profit Margins for Fashion-Focused

Plus-Size Clothing Plus-size is profitable. Ninety percent of women report feeling more confidence when wearing a nice outfit, according to a recent ModCloth study. In addition, 81% of women said they would spend more money for stylish clothing, and 88% said they would buy more trendy clothing.

Additionally, the market for plus-size clothing is expanding by 4.4% annually. The market for plus-size women’s clothing reached $165.2 billion in 2017. Billion with a capital B. You can see that this market is vast by adding 4.4% to that each year, which will allow you to earn higher profit margins.

Finding the ideal wholesale vendor who provides the most fashionable plus-size clothing at the greatest discount is the key.

4. The wholesale-Box Retailer

There are numerous wholesalers of plus-size clothing that provide plus-size women with stylish, high-quality clothing and accessories. The same fantastic trends are offered at the same fantastic discounts. The majority provide discounts of 10% on orders and 15% or more for original mismatched purchases.

If you wish to try on the item in our store first, you can purchase plus-size clothing in mini-batches or in bulk. You also won’t be confined to wearing just one shirt and one pair of jeans. Plus-size wholesalers provide plus-size dresses, plus-size tops, plus-size bottoms, plus-size rompers, plus-size outerwear, plus-size sets, mismatched plus-size, and plus-size assorted sample sizes.

So that you can draw in and satisfy the needs of all female clients, the ideal supplier offers inclusive sizing.

5. Benefits of Inclusive Sizing

Making money is what you want as a business owner. Your boutique won’t be able to remain open if you don’t make any money. The same holds true if you exclude clients from your business. You can attract a completely new clientele by offering inclusive sizing or expanded sizes for fashionable plus-size clothing.

Offering inclusive sizing allows you to use new marketing techniques. You can reach more individuals for the same price because 67% of women identify as plus-size. You will develop a devoted following because you provide premium clothing for larger women. When a boutique has the clothes they want, the clothes that fit, and the clothes that make them feel good, women frequently go back again.

6. You Will Help Many Women with a Problem

According to numerous reports, Americans have trouble finding plus-size clothing, particularly name-brand items. You are resolving this issue for the women in your community by stocking stylish plus-size clothing at your boutique.

Plus-size clothing internet shopping may be a headache, requiring weeks-long returns and exchanges. Women are able to test on clothes in your boutique before making a clothing.

Like every other woman, larger women want to enjoy going shopping for clothing. You can provide them with a location where they can shop for exciting plus-size clothing. They don’t have to fear visiting Wal-Mart to see the few options for uninteresting clothing. They don’t have to visit a plus-size-only store where they would feel excluded.

The situation benefits both of you.

7. Just Doing The Right Thing Feels Good

You are aware of how hard it may be for plus-size women to find fashionable, high-quality clothing. Imagine the woman who walks into your store and finds the ideal pair of size 18 jeans that make her feel and look amazing. You feel rewarded by the smile on her face. The same woman chooses to purchase numerous other products in the same brand and size. She makes her purchase, pays for it, and then exits your store with a smile on her face. You’ve brightened her day. She becomes a devoted client and encourages other plus-size women to use your company. You have done the right thing by giving larger women clothing alternatives, which helps them feel good and you feel good.

Make plans to feature fashionable plus-size clothing in your store by getting in touch with Wholesale Fashion Square right away. There may be a few more justifications for why this is a wise decision.

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