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Windows 10 and 11 Difference: All you need to know

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Windows 10 and 11 Difference: All you need to know

The long-awaited latest version of Windows is finally here. On October 5, 2021, Microsoft officially announced the arrival of “this next generation of Windows,” Windows 11. In a flash, techies started evaluating the changes made in this Windows version. As of now, only the eligible devices can upgrade to Windows 11, and people using Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. Many users are in dilemma whether or not they should upgrade their systems to this latest version. If you are one of them, this blog which talks about Windows 10 and 11 difference, will assist you in making the right decision.

Windows 10 and 11 Differences Simplified

Let’s cut to the chase now!

Cleaner design

The first noticeable and significant Windows 10 and 11 difference is their designs. Windows 11 is cleaner, fresher, and modern in design compared to its predecessor. It is embellished with pastel colors and rounded corners. With a brand-new interface, it gives more Mac-like vibes. With this new interface of its latest Windows version, Microsoft has tried to provide its users a clear space for work and play.

Windows 11 has shifted the Start Menu and Taskbar to the center of the screen. However, you can move the two back to their usual place, left of the screen, like in older versions, if you are fond of using them that way.

Android Apps Support

Android Apps Support, perhaps the second most notable Windows 10 and 11 difference, is one thing every Windows user has longed for. Well, the good news is Windows has started allowing users to download Android Apps using the Amazon Appstore (limited to US users as of now). Windows did allow using Android Apps on its 10th version but, there was a catch – you had to use it through your phone app, which was sometimes very frustrating because you had to scan the QR every time you logged into the app on your PC.

MS Teams in the Taskbar

Be it a student or a working professional, today, everyone who is working from home needs MS Teams to attend online classes, join conferences, etc. Unlike the older Windows versions, Windows 11 users do not need to download and open the Teams app from the screen. In this version, MS Teams is present in the Taskbar, making the application easily accessible.

Snap Assist

In older Windows versions, the applications you are using simultaneously sit in the Taskbar, making it a bit inconvenient to switch between them. Sometimes it becomes challenging to organize and manage these apps. Windows 11 allows you to multi-task efficiently using Snap Assist features – Snap Groups and Snap Layouts. These features enable you to switch between apps seamlessly by grouping together all the apps on the screen. They also help you organize your work and enhance your productivity.

Virtual desktops

This is another top-notch feature that was somehow difficult to manage in Windows 10. Windows 11 is letting the users set up multiple virtual desktops. This is very much similar to what people do with Macs. It has become much easier for users to toggle between multiple desktops concurrently for work, personal use, school, or gaming.

Curate widgets

Windows 11 allows its users to curate widgets the way they want. The widgets are directly accessible from the Taskbar, and you can even personalize them according to the content you need. So, whether you like to see the world news, daily weather, or your to-do list together, they’re all a swipe away.

More secure browser

We all know Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform web browser that you can find on Windows. Apparently, in Windows 11, Microsoft Edge is relatively more secure and speedy. You can use Edge to work, play, stream, shop, or communicate securely and at speed.

Enhanced gaming experience

“When it comes to playing your way, Windows 11 makes it happen.” – Microsoft. Windows 11 is here to make your gaming experience enriched with “graphics that rival reality.” It has come up with some new features for gaming, such as Auto HDR, which enhances the color range, and Direct Storage to improve gaming. Additionally, some big names in the gaming realm are giving Xbox game pass to Windows 11 users.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 performance

Microsoft has set the record straight that Windows 11 is coming with improved performance such as faster logins with Windows Hello, speedy and secure web browsing, and quick wake from sleep mode, which was an issue in its predecessor. You must be wondering what Windows Hello is. Windows Hello is basically a biometrics-based technology including iris scans, facial recognition, or fingerprints that the users can use for authentication to have secure access to their devices.
Apart from that, Microsoft has also stated that Windows updates will be 40% smaller in Windows 11, and will run in the background, taking less time for download and installation. All of these performance upgrades will extend the battery life of devices.

So, Windows 10 or 11, which is better?

Long story short, Windows 11 has added many new and advanced features to its platform. Besides that, it has updated some features that were already there in the older versions but were not giving that seamless and efficient experience to the users. Undoubtedly, Windows 11 is better than Windows 10; however, the choice to upgrade completely lies on the users, their preferences, and their requirements.

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