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Windows 10 Home vs. Pro Edition

by keeptrackit
Windows 10 Home vs. Pro Edition

If you look in your circle of acquaintances, then many of your friends will be using Windows 10 Home Edition. Although the affordable version has many advantages, you should consider switching to the Pro version . In many magazines, on the Internet and in various blogs, the switch to Windows 10 Pro is made palatable as a user. You should decide for yourself whether the change is actually worthwhile after weighing up all the arguments. Basically, the decisive argument for switching to Windows 10 Pro is the increased need for security. If you are also interested in more professional functions, then you should consider switching.

Why you choose Windows 10

Windows 10 offers you as a user many advantages . In addition to numerous security features, Windows 10 also offers itself due to the improved speed. The operating system has been completely overhauled, resulting in improved speed performance. When you buy Windows 10, then you get a modern device with a beautiful design. Windows 10 not only looks more modern, it also works a lot faster than older versions of Windows. The operating system is more efficient and therefore requires less computing power from the hardware. In comparison to Windows 7 in particular, Windows 10 offers many innovations in the area of ​​better app compatibility. While Photoshop, Google Chrome and other popular applications continue to work both under Windows 10 and Windows 7, certain applications do not work or work only to a very limited extent. When comparing the two versions, it is also noticeable that the use of third-party apps often works better on the older operating system.

Bitlocker and other reasons to switch to Windows 10 Pro

With the Bitlocker encryption technology, Microsoft has set a new global standard. This standard was introduced with Windows Vista and has also evolved with Windows 10. The advantages are, for example, that you can encrypt a Windows boot drive. USB sticks and external drives can also be encrypted easily and securely using Bitlocker. The protection takes place simply and directly on the PC. All that is necessary is to log in to the PC. The decryption program runs in the background and is accessed as soon as you want to access it. As a result, no third party access to the data can be made possible if a stranger wants to gain unauthorized access to your data.

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